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Quintessence Int 42 (2011), Nr. 1     14. Dez. 2010
Quintessence Int 42 (2011), Nr. 1  (14.12.2010)

Seite 19-24, PubMed:21206929, Sprache: Englisch

The use of transitional implants to support provisional prostheses during the healing phase: A literature review
Oliveira de Almeida, Erika / Filho, Humberto Gennari / Goiatto, Marcelo Coelho
Objective: Transitional implants are indicated for cases in which immediate loading is counterindicated because a healing period is necessary for osseointegration of the definitive implants. These provisional implants were developed to support an implant-supported fixed prosthesis or overdenture to provide retention, stability, and support. The aim of this article was to conduct a literature review on transitional implants to highlight the characteristics of the transitional implants and their advantages, indications, and contraindications, including the level of osseointegration of such implants according to the functional period.
Method and Materials: The present literature review was based on the OldMedline and Medline databases from 1999 to 2010 using the key words "transitional implants" and "temporary implants." Fourteen articles were found: 11 clinical studies or techniques and three histologic and histomorphometric studies.
Results: The transitional immediate prostheses were worn by completely and partially edentulous patients. Advantages of transitional implants include complete denture retention, stability, and support; maintenance of chewing, phonetics, and patient comfort; protection of bone grafts; vertical stop during healing period; easy and fast surgical and prosthetic procedures; lower cost in comparison to the definitive implant; and reestablishment of esthetics. The success of transitional implants as conservative treatment for conventional immediate loading is a reality if correctly indicated.
Conclusion: Transitional implants are a provisional treatment alternative for completely and partially edentulous patients. However, additional studies are required to evaluate the level of remodeling and repair of the transitional implants under loading.

Schlagwörter: bone remodeling, implants, osseointegration, prostheses
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