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Quintessence Int 36 (2005), Nr. 5     31. Mär. 2005
Quintessence Int 36 (2005), Nr. 5  (31.03.2005)

Seite 365-372, Sprache: Englisch

Clinical performance of a packable resin composite for a period of 3 years
Türkün, L. Sebnem/Türkün, Murat/Özata, Ferit
Objective: The purpose of this clinical study was to evaluate SureFil packable resin composite for posterior restoration of permanent teeth for a period of 3 years.
Method and materials: Fifty-five resin composite restorations were placed in 36 patients (16 Class I and 39 Class II restorations). After cavity preparation, the enamel was etched with 34% phosphoric acid. Prime & Bond NT was applied 20 seconds to dentin and etched enamel and cured for 20 seconds. The teeth were restored in 3- to 5-mm increments. The restorations were assessed after placement, at 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years for color stability, marginal discoloration, marginal adaptation, secondary caries, surface texture, anatomic form, and postoperative sensitivity according to Ryge's criteria. The changes in the parameters were assessed with Friedman test analysis with a Bonferroni correction at a significance level of .05.
Results: Forty of the monitored 47 restorations were classified as excellent after 3 years. Thirty-one restorations were graded Bravo at baseline for color match. At the 3-year assessment (n = 47) the color of the 31 restorations had not changed. Two restorations (same patient) were lost after 1 month and were scored as Charlie until the end of the study. After 3 years there were five Bravos and one Charlie with marginal discoloration, five Bravos with marginal adaptation, and three Bravos with anatomic form (P < .05).
Conclusion: After 3 years of clinical service, SureFil packable resin composite, with a failure rate of 6%, was considered to be successful in Class I and II restorations.

Schlagwörter: clinical performance, packable resin composite, Ryge's criteria
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