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Issue 7/2016     22. June 2016
22. June 2016
Pages: 547 - 621

Page 547, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a36418, PubMed:27319811
Editorial: The role of general dentists in dentistry today
Eliav, Eli
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 549-558, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a36175, PubMed:27319812
Evaluation of a unique subgingival irrigation with 10% povidone-iodine after scaling and root planing: A randomized clinical trial
Denez, Eve-Marie / Toma, Selena / Lasserre, Jérôme F. / Brecx, Michel C.
Page 559-568, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a36094, PubMed:27175450
Microscopic view of scaling influence on the root, using different power and time settings
Chien, Hung-Chieh / Ye, Dong-Qing
Page 571-580, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a36095, PubMed:27175451
Comparison between biodentine and formocresol for pulpotomy of primary teeth: A randomized clinical trial
El Meligy, Omar Abd El Sadek / Allazzam, Sulaiman / Alamoudi, Najlaa Mohd
Page 581-587, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a36176, PubMed:27319813
Management of endodontic injuries to the inferior alveolar nerve
Lampert, Robert C. / Nesbitt, Travis R. / Chuang, Sung-Kiang / Ziccardi, Vincent B.
Page 589-596, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a36174, PubMed:27284581
Effect of vasoconstriction on pain after mandibular third molar surgery: A single-blind, randomized controlled trial
Martin, Wilhelmus J.J.M. / Skorpil, Nynke E. / Ashton-James, Claire E. / Tuinzing, D. Bram / Forouzanfar, Tymour
Page 597-601, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a36096, PubMed:27175452
Simultaneous gingival squamous cell carcinoma in an oral lichen planus patient
Vora, Kinjal / Bhattacharyya, Indraneel / Kashtwari, Deeba / Nair, Madhu / Katz, Joseph
Page 603-608, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a36011, PubMed:27092360
Practitioners' challenges in diagnosing oral and maxillofacial tumors
Gutmacher, Zvi / Teich, Sorin / Lin, Shaul / Ghantous, Yasmen / Abu El-Naaj, Imad
Page 609-615, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a36173, PubMed:27319814
Periodic persistent orofacial pain due to osteomyelitis of the mandible: A case report
Abdalla-Aslan, Ragda / Nadler, Chen / Benoliel, Rafael / Sharav, Yair / Haviv, Yaron
Page 617-621, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a36172, PubMed:27319815
Sleep-related breathing disorders and dentistry: What is the relationship?
Santander, Petra / Sievers, Denise / Moser, Norman