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Issue 7/2007     14. June 2007
14. June 2007
Pages: 541 - 610

Page 541, PubMed:17694209
Guest Editorial: The ubiquitious case report
Laskin, Daniel M.
no abstract available fulltext (pdf) Endnote-Export
Page 543-553, PubMed:17694210
Bonded indirect restorations for posterior teeth: The luting appointment
Rocca, Giovanni Tommaso / Krejci, Ivo
Page 555-564, PubMed:17694211
Variables associated with longitudinally registered plaque accumulation in a cohort of Flemish schoolchildren
Martens, Luc / Leroy, Roos / Jara, Alejandro / Garcia-Zattera, Maria-José / Lesaffre, Emanuel / Declerck, Dominique
Page 565-569, PubMed:17694212
Comparison of dentin caries excavation with polymer and conventional tungsten carbide burs
Meller, Christian / Welk, Alexander / Zeligowski, Thomas / Splieth, Christian
Page 571-574, PubMed:17694213
Diplopia and acute rectus muscle palsy as symptoms of an infected follicular cyst of a maxillary right third molar: A case report
Metzger, Marc Christian / Wagner, Kai Wolfgang / Hohlweg-Majert, Bettina / Voss, Pit Jacob / Schoen, Ralf / Schmelzeisen, Rainer
Page 575-581, PubMed:17694214
Two-year clinical evaluation of Cerec 3D ceramic inlays inserted by undergraduate dental students
Wrbas, Karl-Thomas / Hein, Nicole / Schirrmeister, Jörg Fabian / Altenburger, Markus Jörg / Hellwig, Elmar
Page 591-596, PubMed:17694216
Effect of liquid-polish coating on in vivo biofilm accumulation on provisional restorations: Part 1
Perez Davidi, Michael / Beyth, Nurit / Sterer, Nir / Feuerstein, Osnot / Weiss, Ervin Izhak
Page 597-600, PubMed:17694217
Ectopic molar near the coronoid process: Case report
Wong, Yiu-Kai / Liew, Julianna Cho-Hwei / Tsui, Sunny Hing-Chung / Cheng, Jason Chi-Fung
Page 601-606, PubMed:17694218
Efficacy of 1% ropivacaine gel for topical anesthesia of human oral mucosa
Franz-Montan, Michelle / Silva, André Luis Rotolo / Cogo, Karina / Bergamaschi, Cristiane / Volpato, Maria Cristina / Ranali, José / de Paula, Eneida / Groppo, Francisco Carlos
Page 607-610, PubMed:17694219
Displacement of a maxillary third molar into the infratemporal fossa: Case report
Dimitrakopoulos, Ioannis / Papadaki, Maria
Online Article, Page 611, PubMed:17694197
Online Article: Effect of endodontic access type on the resistance to fracture of maxillary incisors
Nissan, Joseph / Zukerman, Ofer / Rosenfelder, Shani / Barnea, Eitan / Shifman, Arie
Online Article, Page 611, PubMed:17694198
Online Article: Chromatic behavior of porcelain fired on titanium
Lakatos, Sorin / Lakatos, Carmen / Rominu, Mihai / Florita, Zeno
Online Article, Page 612, PubMed:17694199
Online Article: Failure probability of implant-supported restorations using highly filled all-composite crowns
Shimizu, Hiroshi / Hisama, Kazuhiro / Kurtz, Kenneth S. / Takahashi, Yutaka / Sato, Hironobu
Online Article, Page 612, PubMed:17694200
Online Article: Dental visits and personality traits among young adults
Levin, Liran / Proter, Noam E. / Levin, Sagit
Online Article, Page 613, PubMed:17694201
Online Article: Measurement of sealant surface area by clinical/computerized analysis: 11-year results
Sundfeld, Renato Herman / Mauro, Silvio Jose / Briso, Andre Luiz Fraga / Junior, Eloi Dezan / Sundefeld, Maria Lucia Marcal Mazza
Online Article, Page 613, PubMed:17694202
Online Article: Self-injurious behavior in a patient with mental retardation: Review of the literature and a case report
Lucavechi, Tania / Barberia, Elena / Maroto, Myriam / Arenas, Marcela
Online Article, Page 614, PubMed:17694203
Online Article: Panoramic radiographic examination of edentulous mouths
Sumer, A. Pýnar / Sumer, Mahmut / Guler, Ahmet Umut / Bicer, Isýl
Online Article, Page 614, PubMed:17694204
Online Article: Susceptibility to carieslike lesions after dental bleaching with different techniques
Alves, Elcijane Almeida / Alves, Fatima Karoline Araujo / Campos, Elisangela de Jesus / Mathias, Paula
Online Article, Page 615, PubMed:17694205
Online Article: Fluid filtration evaluation of 3 obturation techniques
Kontakiotis, Evangelos / Chaniotis, Antonis / Georgopoulou, Maria
Online Article, Page 616, PubMed:17694207
Online Article: The influence of cervical finish line, internal relief, and cement type on the cervical adaptation of metal crowns
Bottino, Marco Antonio / Valandro, Luiz Felipe / Buso, Leonardo / Ozcan, Mutlu