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Quintessence Int 48 (2017), Nr. 8     2. Aug. 2017
Quintessence Int 48 (2017), Nr. 8  (02.08.2017)

Seite 625-631, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a38705, Sprache: Englisch

Prosthodontic treatment of an Angle III Class malocclusion: A case report
Kuliš, Andreja / Kopač, Igor
Patients with an Angle Class III malocclusion are generally treated by orthodontics with or without orthognathic surgery. A literature search revealed very few articles describing solely the prosthodontic treatment of a Class III malocclusion, as it is rarely used as a treatment modality in these cases. The purpose of this article is to show the effects and benefits of an increase in the vertical dimension of the occlusion (VDO) in patients with a Class III malocclusion. An increase in the VDO causes a clockwise rotation of the mandible, thereby increasing the reverse overjet. This phenomenon allows a prosthodontic treatment of the Class III malocclusion in some patients. Therefore, proper diagnostic procedures, careful planning, and a simulation of the final appearance by wax-up and mock-up are mandatory when choosing the modality of prosthodontic treatment. A case with a Class III malocclusion, treated solely by prosthodontic means, is presented. The implemented prosthodontic treatment included the correction of the crossbite and the occlusal plane, the reestablishment of the anterior and canine guidance as well as the provision of a stable occlusion and enhanced facial and dental esthetics. It is proposed that an increase of the VDO should be taken into consideration whenever a patient with a Class III malocclusion is prosthodontically treated.

Schlagwörter: case report, Class III malocclusion, increase of vertical dimension of the occlusion (VDO), fixed prosthodontic treatment
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