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Quintessence Int 40 (2009), Nr. 9     31. Aug. 2009
Quintessence Int 40 (2009), Nr. 9  (31.08.2009)

Online Article, Seite 790, PubMed:19862392, Sprache: Englisch

Online Article: A comparison between conventional visual and spectrophotometric methods for shade selection
Judeh, Ahmad / Al-Wahadni, Ahed
Objective: Inconsistencies among dentists in matching natural tooth shades have been documented. This study examined the reliability of a spectrophotometer in shade selection compared to visual method.
Method and Materials: Nine observers with normal color vision were asked to visually and digitally match shades of nine maxillary models with incisors being replaced by Vita Classical shade guide tabs. The same test was carried out in vivo on nine subjects' maxillary central incisors. Observers included prosthodontists, dental technicians, and postgraduate students.
Results: No significant difference was found among observers in shade selection regardless of the selection method. However, there was a significant difference between digital and visual methods in shade selection. Digital method was five times more likely to match the original shade color compared to visual method.
Conclusion: The system does not solve all problems involved in the determination of a tooth shade. Vita Easyshade spectrophotometer was more likely to match the shade compared to visual method. Nevertheless, this system needs further refinement, as well as software upgrades. Shade-matching devices could help clinicians and technicians achieve a better shade choice. The combination of visual shade analysis and digital shade measurement together lies in the precise predictability of the miscibility of shades.

Schlagwörter: color, digital, Easyshade, spectrophotometer, visual
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