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Quintessence International



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Quintessence Int 38 (2007), Nr. 9     31. Aug. 2007
Quintessence Int 38 (2007), Nr. 9  (31.08.2007)

Seite 723-731, PubMed:17873979, Sprache: Englisch

Complete esthetic and functional rehabilitation with adhesively luted all-ceramic restorations-Case report over 4.5 years
Groten, Martin
Complete prosthodontic rehabilitation using single-tooth crowns is an invasive therapy, even though the success of single-tooth crowns is well proven. In some cases, adhesively luted glass-ceramic restorations with reduced preparation depths might be a less invasive alternative. In the case presented, a 40-year-old female patient with multiple cement restorations, erosions, dysfunctional abrasion, and gap formation in the maxillary anterior region received treatment to restore function and esthetics. Minimally invasive glass-ceramic full-coverage crowns, partial crowns, and veneers were placed using the adhesive luting technique. The functional rehabilitation included increasing the occlusal height by about 2 mm. The patient was clinically followed for 4.5 years at annual examinations, which included dental and periodontal evaluations and a clinical quality assessment applying modified California Dental Association (CDA) criteria. Observations yielded only marginal discolorations and gingival recession of minor clinical importance. No adverse events occurred; the patient was highly satisfied with the esthetic result and had no complaints.

Schlagwörter: acid etching, adhesive luting, all-ceramic restorations, Celay, esthetics, functional rehabilitation, glass-ceramics, long-term success, minimally invasive preparation
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