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Ausgabe 4/2014     25. Feb. 2014
25. Feb. 2014
Seiten: 279 - 359

Seite 279-280, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a31498, PubMed:24570996, Sprache: Englisch
Guest Editorial: Geriatric dentistry: A changing paradigm
Weiner, Saul / Flinton, Robert
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Seite 281-290, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a31341, PubMed:24459683, Sprache: Englisch
Povidone-iodine gel and solution as adjunct to ultrasonic debridement in nonsurgical periodontitis treatment: An RCT pilot study
Sahrmann, Philipp / Imfeld, Thomas / Ronay, Valerie / Attin, Thomas / Schmidlin, Patrick R.
Seite 291-297, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a31328, PubMed:24570997, Sprache: Englisch
All-ceramic resin-bonded fixed dental prostheses: Treatment planning, clinical procedures, and outcome
Sasse, Martin / Kern, Matthias
Seite 299-305, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a31335, PubMed:24459680, Sprache: Englisch
Unsplinted implants retaining a mandibular overdenture with magnetic attachments: A short-term clinical study in controlled type 2 diabetic patients
Shawky, Ahmad Fathalla / Ashour, Essam Mohamed
Seite 307-312, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a31334, PubMed:24459679, Sprache: Englisch
Restoration of a partially edentulous patient with an implant-supported removable partial denture: A case report
Baek, Yeon-Wha / Lim, Young-Jun / Lee, Jong-Ho / Ryu, Hyo-Sook
Seite 313-318, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a31338, PubMed:24459682, Sprache: Englisch
An ortho-surgical approach to severe impaction using bone crestal bridge: A case report
Shpack, Nir / Davidovitch, Moshe / Vardimon, Alexander D. / Mardinger, Ofer / Sarne, Ofer
Seite 319-330, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a31333, PubMed:24459678, Sprache: Englisch
Evaluation of postoperative discomfort after impacted mandibular third molar surgery using three different types of flap
Borgonovo, Andrea Enrico / Giussani, Adriano / Grossi, Giovanni Battista / Maiorana, Carlo
Seite 331-338, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a31332, PubMed:24459677, Sprache: Englisch
Quantic molecular resonance scalpel vs traditional scalpel in the treatment of labial mucocele: A two-center randomized controlled trial
Broccoletti, Roberto / Arduino, Paolo G. / Vescovi, Paolo / Mergoni, Giovanni / Mattiuzzi, Monica / Merigo, Elisabetta / DiLupo, Mauro / Manfredi, Maddalena
Seite 341-344, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a31331, PubMed:24459676, Sprache: Englisch
Compound odontoma involving the four quadrants of the jaws: A case report and review of the literature
Erdogan, Özgür / Keceli, Onur / Öztunc, Haluk / Evlice, Burcu / Altug, Hasan Ayberk / Günhan, Ömer
Seite 345-353, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a31337, PubMed:24459681, Sprache: Englisch
On the edge between medicine and dentistry: Review of the dentist's role in the diagnosis and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea
Haviv, Yaron / Benoliel, Rafael / Bachar, Gideon / Michaeli, Eli
Seite 355-359, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a31344, PubMed:24570998, Sprache: Englisch
Nativity status and oral cancer survival in the United States: Implications for dental clinical practice
Agaku, Israel T. / Adisa, Akinyele O.