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Issue 8/2012     26. July 2012
26. July 2012
Pages: 639 - 725

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Page 643-648, PubMed:23034417
Clinical performance of all-ceramic cantilever fixed dental prostheses: Results of a 2-year randomized pilot study
Ohlmann, Brigitte / Eiffler, Constantin / Rammelsberg, Peter
Page 649-659, PubMed:23034418
A systematic review of visual and instrumental measurements for tooth shade matching
Chen, Hui / Huang, Jing / Dong, Xian / Qian, Jielei / He, Jiajing / Qu, Xinhua / Lu, Eryi
Page 661-670, PubMed:23034419
Esthetic and functional rehabilitation of crowded mandibular anterior teeth using ceramic veneers: A case report
Scopin de Andrade, Oswaldo / Ferreira, Luiz Alves / Hirata, Ronaldo / Rodrigues, Flávia Pires / D'Alpino, Paulo Henrique Perlatti / Di Hipólito, Vinicius
Page 671-681, PubMed:23034420
Clinical and metabolic evaluation of one-stage, full-mouth, ultrasonic debridement as a therapeutic approach for uncontrolled type 2 diabetic patients with periodontitis
Cirano, Fabiano Ribeiro / Pêra, Claudia / Ueda, Paulo / Casarin, Renato Corrêa Viana / Ribeiro, Fernanda Vieira / Pimentel, Suzana Peres / Casati, Márcio Zaffalon
Page 683-694, PubMed:23034421
Randomized clinical trial of the efficacy, tolerability, and long-term color stability of two bleaching techniques: 18-month follow-up
Auschill, Thorsten M. / Schneider-Del Savio, Thorsten / Hellwig, Elmar / Arweiler, Nicole B.
Page 703-707, PubMed:23034423
In vitro microbiologic evaluation of PTFE and cotton as spacer materials
Paranjpe, Avina / Jain, Sumita / Alibhai, Karim Z. / Wadhwani, Chandur P. / Darveau, Richard P. / Johnson, James D.
Page 709-718, PubMed:23034424
Clinical efficacy of a new tooth and tongue gel applied with a tongue cleaner in reducing oral halitosis
Wilhelm, Dorothea / Himmelmann, Agnes / Axmann, Eva-Maria / Wilhelm, Klaus-Peter
Page 719-725, PubMed:23034425
Genotoxicity of digital panoramic radiography on oral epithelial tissues
Sheikh, Soheyl / Pallagatti, Shambulingappa / Grewal, Harshaminder / Kalucha, Aman / Kaur, Harkamal
Online Article, Page 727, PubMed:23034426
Online Article: Variables of host response in saliva of patients with periodontitis: A pilot study
Guentsch, Arndt / Hiese, Isabelle / Puklo, Magdalena / Kiehntopf, Michael / Pfister, Wolfgang / Eick, Sigrun