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Issue 6/2012     5. Apr. 2012
5. Apr. 2012
Pages: 447 - 531

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Page 449-456, PubMed:22532952
Clinical and radiographic evaluation of immediateley loaded one-piece implants placed into fresh extraction sockets
Soardi, Carlo Maria / Bianchi, Andrea Edoardo / Zandanel, Ezio / Spinato, Sergio
Page 457-467, PubMed:22532953
CAD/CAM-generated high-density polymer restorations for the pretreatment of complex cases: A case report
Edelhoff, Daniel / Beuer, Florian / Schwieger, Josef / Brix, Oliver / Stimmelmayr, Michael / Güth, Jan-Frederik
Page 469-481, PubMed:22532954
Sinus augmentation with intra- vs extraorally harvested bone grafts for the provision of dental implants: Clinical long-term results
Deppe, Herbert / Mücke, Thomas / Wagenpfeil, Stefan / Hölzle, Frank
Page 483-489, PubMed:22532955
Hereditary gingival hyperplasia associated with amelogenesis imperfecta: A case report
Nibali, Luigi / Brett, Peter M. / Donos, Nikos / Griffiths, Gareth S.
Page 491-501, PubMed:22532956
Bacterial and inflammatory behavior of implants in the early healing phase of chronic periodontitis
Cosgarea, Raluca / Dannewitz, Bettina / Sculean, Anton / Bran, Simion / Rotaru, Horatiu / Baciut, Grigore / Eick, Sigrun
Page 503-510, PubMed:22532957
Early childhood caries and feeding practices in kindergarten children
Qadri, Ghalib / Nourallah, Abdul / Splieth, Christian H.
Page 511-515, PubMed:22532958
Increased gingival blood vessel density in SLE patients
Scardina, Giuseppe Alessandro / Messina, Pietro
Page 525-531, PubMed:22532960
Brushing skills and plaque reduction using single- and triple-headed toothbrushes
Levin, Liran / Marom, Yael / Ashkenazi, Malka
Online Article, Page 534, PubMed:22532961
Online Article: Influence of three scan spray systems on human gingival fibroblasts
Willershausen, Ines / Lehmann, Karl Martin / Roß, Armin / Ghanaati, Shahram / Willershausen, Britta