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Issue 5/2012     15. Mar. 2012
15. Mar. 2012
Pages: 351 - 434

Page 351, PubMed:22536585
Editorial: Ethics in the dental implant era
Levin, Liran
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 353-359, PubMed:22536586
An uncommon clinical feature of IAN injury after third molar removal: A delayed paresthesia case series and literature review
Borgonovo, Andrea / Bianchi, Albino / Marchetti, Andrea / Censi, Rachele / Maiorana, Carlo
Page 361-368, PubMed:22536587
Degree of root resorption after root canal treatment with iodoform-containing filling material in primary molars
Moskovitz, Moti / Tickotsky, Nili / Ashkar, Hussam / Holan, Gideon
Page 381-385, PubMed:22536589
Asymptomatic ossifying fibroma of the mandible: A case presentation
Brügger, Odette Engel / Reichart, Peter A. / Werder, Peter / Altermatt, Hans Jörg / Bornstein, Michael M.
Page 387-395, PubMed:22536590
Potential surface alteration effects of laser-assisted periodontal surgery on existing dental restorations
Kilinc, Evren / Rothrock, James / Migliorati, Erica / Drukteinis, Saulius / Roshkind, David M. / Bradley, Paul
Page 401-411, PubMed:22536592
Efficacy of lycopene as a locally delivered gel in the treatment of chronic periodontitis: Smokers vs nonsmokers
Chandra, Rampalli Viswa / Sandhya, Yellarthi P. / Nagarajan, Sripriya / Reddy, Bavigadda Harish / Naveen, Anumala / Murthy, K. Raja V.
Page 413-420, PubMed:22536593
Modeling of S mutans and A naeslundii acid production in vitro with caries incidence of low- and high-risk children
Kneist, Susanne / Kubieziel, Heidi / Willershausen, Brita / Küpper, Harald / Callaway, Angelika
Page 421-428, PubMed:22536594
An in vitro radiographic analysis of the density of dental luting cements as measured by CCD-based digital radiography
Antonijevic, Djordje / Jevremovic, Danimir / Jovanovic, Svetlana / Obradovic-Djuricic, Kosovka
Page 429-434, PubMed:22536595
Hand-washing knowledge and practices among dentists and dental specialists
Vega, Oscar G. / Janus, Charles / Laskin, Daniel M.
Online Article, Page 435, PubMed:22536596
Online Article: Regenerative wound healing in acute degree III mandibular defects in dogs
Mardas, Nikos / Kraehenmann, Michael / Dard, Michel
Online Article, Page 435, PubMed:22536597
Online Article: Initial shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets bonded to bleached teeth with a self-etching adhesive system
Ozoe, Rieko / Endo, Toshiya / Abe, Ryota / Shinkai, Koichi / Katoh, Yoshiroh