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Issue 1/2012     1. Dec. 2011
1. Dec. 2011
Pages: 7 - 82

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Page 9-14, PubMed:22259804
A combined prosthodontic and orthodontic treatment approach in a case of growth inhibition induced by dental implants: A case report
Krieger, Elena / Wegener, Joachim / Wagner, Wilfried / Hornikel, Sandra / Wehrbein, Heinrich
Page 15-27, PubMed:22259805
Root anatomy and canal configuration of the permanent mandibular first molar: Clinical implications and recommendations
Valencia de Pablo, Óliver / Estevez, Roberto / Heilborn, Carlos / Cohenca, Nestor
Page 29-36, PubMed:22259806
Considerations for a staged approach in implant dentistry
Drew, Howard J. / Alnassar, Talal / Gluck, Kenneth / Rynar, James E.
Page 37-43, PubMed:22259807
Vertical root fractures in crowned teeth: A report of 32 cases
Schwarz, Sophie / Lohbauer, Ulrich / Petschelt, Anselm / Pelka, Matthias
Page 45-49, PubMed:22259808
Transmigration of mandibular canines in siblings: A case report
Kontham, Ujwal / Kontham, Rakesh / Mistry, Jagruti
Page 51-59, PubMed:22259809
A study to evaluate the efficacy of toluidine blue and cytology in detecting oral cancer and dysplastic lesions
Rahman, Farzan / Tippu, Shoaib R. / Khandelwal, Suneet / Girish, K. L. / Manjunath, B. C. / Bhargava, Akshay
Page 61-69, PubMed:22259810
Pain perception following first orthodontic archwire placement-Thermoelastic vs superelastic alloys: A randomized controlled trial
Cioffi, Iacopo / Piccolo, Antonella / Tagliaferri, Renato / Paduano, Sergio / Galeotti, Angela / Martina, Roberto
Page 71-82, PubMed:22259811
Necrotizing periodontal diseases in HIV-infected Brazilian patients: A clinical and microbiologic descriptive study
Ramos, Meyrelane Pereira de Almeida / Ferreira, Sonia Maria Soares / Silva-Boghossian, Carina M. / Souto, Renata / Colombo, Ana Paula / Noce, Cesar Werneck / Gonçalves, Lucio de Souza
Online Article, Page 83, PubMed:22259812
Online Article: Effects of different acids and etching times on the bond strength of glass fiber-reinforced composite root canal posts to composite core material
Güler, Ahmet Umut / Kurt, Murat / Duran, Ibrahim / Uludamar, Altay / Inan, Ozgur
Online Article, Page 83, PubMed:22259813
Online Article: Caries removal in primary teeth-A systematic review
Ferreira, Jainara Maria Soares / Pinheiro, Sérgio Luiz / Sampaio, Fábio Correia / Menezes, Valdenice Aparecida de