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Issue 9/2011     17. Aug. 2011
17. Aug. 2011
Pages: 719 - 804

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Page 729-735, PubMed:21909497
Multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of a complicated crown-root fracture in a young patient: A case report
Monteiro de Castro, José Carlos / Poi, Wilson Roberto / Pedrini, Denise / Tiveron, Adelisa Rodolfo Ferreira / Brandini, Daniela Atili / de Castro, Mara Antônio Monteiro
Page 753-760, PubMed:21909500
Efficacy of semiannual topical fluoride application in schoolchildren
Splieth, Christian H. / Berndt, Christine / Alkilzy, Mohammad / Treuner, Anja
Page 761-769, PubMed:21909501
Paresthesia during orthodontic treatment: Case report and review
Monini, André da Costa / Martins, Renato Parsekian / Martins, Isabela Parsekian / Martins, Lidia Parsekian
Page 771-779, PubMed:21909502
Correlation of serum levels of vascular endothelial growth factor with TNM staging, histopathologic grading, and surgical therapy for oral squamous cell carcinoma
Jaiswal, Shradha G. / Gadbail, Amol R. / Chaudhary, Minal S. / Jaiswal, Gagan R. / Gawande, Madhuri
Page 781-785, PubMed:21909503
Full-mouth rehabilitation using dental implants in a patient with scleroderma
Zigdon, Hadar / Gutmacher, Zvi / Teich, Sorin / Levin, Liran
Page 787-796, PubMed:21909504
TNF receptor - associated factor 6 suppression inhibits inflammatory response to Porphyromonas gingivialis in human periodontal ligament cells
Tang, Lu / Zhou, Xue-dong / Wang, Qian / Zhang, Lan / Wang, Yao / Huang, Ding-Ming
Page 797-804, PubMed:21909505
Analysis of local shrinkage patterns of self-adhering and flowable composites using 3D digital image correlation
Miletec, Vesna / Manojlovic, Dragica / Milosevic, Milos / Mitrovic, Nenad / Stankovic, Tatjana Savic / Maneski, Tasko
Online Article, Page 805, PubMed:21909495
Online Article: Microshear bond strength and interfacial morphology of etch-and-rinse and self-etch adhesive systems to superficial and deep dentin
Yousry, Mai Mahmoud / ElNaga, Abeer Abo / Hafez, Randa M. / El-Badrawy, Wafa
Online Article, Page 805, PubMed:21909493
Online Article: Microbiologic findings 1 year after partial- and full-mouth scaling in the treatment of moderate chronic periodontitis
Knöfler, Gerhild U. / Purschwitz, Regina E. / Eick, Sigrun / Pfister, Wolfgang / Roedel, Mirjam / Jentsch, Holger F. R.
Online Article, Page 806, PubMed:21909494
Online Article: The microbial flora associated with oral carcinomas
Byakodi, Raghavendra / Krishnappa, R. / Keluskar, Vaishali / Bagewadi, Anjana / Shetti, Arvind