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Issue 8/2011     15. July 2011
15. July 2011
Pages: 623 - 709

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Page 625-633, PubMed:21842002
An 18-year retrospective evaluation of glass-infiltrated alumina crowns
Rinke, Sven / Tsigaras, Athanasios / Huels, Alfons / Roediger, Matthias
Page 635-644, PubMed:21842003
A prospective case-control clinical trial comparing 1- and 2-stage Nobel Biocare TiUnite implants: Resonance frequency analysis assessed by Osstell Mentor during integration
Tallarico, Marco / Vaccarella, Anna / Marzi, Gian Carlo / Alviani, Alessia / Campana, Valentina
Page 645-650, PubMed:21842004
Minimally invasive antral membrane balloon elevation for single-tooth implant placement
Kfir, Efraim / Kfir, Vered / Kaluski, Edo / Mazor, Ziv / Goldstein, Moshe
Page 651-657, PubMed:21842005
A new triple-scan protocol for 3D fit assessment of dental restorations
Holst, Stefan / Karl, Matthias / Wichmann, Manfred / Matta, Ragai-Edward T.
Page 659-667, PubMed:21842006
MRI of the TMJ: Morphometric comparison of asymptomatic volunteers and symptomatic patients
Peroz, Ingrid / Seidel, Antje / Griethe, Mathias / Lemke, Arne-Jörn
Page 679-685, PubMed:21842008
A clinicopathologic review of 138 cases of mucoceles in a pediatric population
Martins-Filho, Paulo Ricardo Saquete / Santos, Thiago de Santana / Da Silva, Heitor Fontes / Piva, Marta Rabello / Andrade, Emanuel Sávio de Souza / Da Silva, Luiz Carlos Ferreira
Page 687-700, PubMed:21842009
Efficacy of chlorhexidine digluconate-containing formulations and other mouthrinses against periodontopathogenic microorganisms
Eick, Sigrun / Goltz, Susann / Nietzsche, Sandor / Jentsch, Holger / Pfister, Wolfgang
Page 701-709, PubMed:21842010
Orofacial manifestations in patients with sickle cell anemia
Mendes, Patrícia Helena Costa / Fonseca, Naiara Gonçalves / Martelli, Daniela Reis Barbosa / Bonan, Paulo Rogério Ferreti / De Almeida, Lana Kei Yamamoto / De Melo, Luciana Antunes / Martelli, Hercílio Junior
Online Article, Page 711, PubMed:21842011
Online Article: New-generation curing units and short irradiation time: The degree of conversion of microhybrid composite resin
Scotti, Nicola / Venturello, Alberto / Migliaretti, Giuseppe / Pera, Francesco / Pasqualini, Damiano / Geobaldo, Francesco / Berutti, Elio