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Issue 7/2011     9. June 2011
9. June 2011
Pages: 531 - 614

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Page 539-545, PubMed:21716981
Rehabilitation of an extensive anterior explantation defect - A case report
Horvath, Sebastian D. / Kohal, Ralf J.
Page 555-563, PubMed:21716983
Effect of smoking on the results of a chlorhexidine digluconate treatment extended up to 3 months after scaling and root planing - A pilot study
Stratul, Stefan-Ioan / Sculean, Anton / Rusu, Darian / Didilescu, Andreea / Kasaj, Adrian / Jentsch, Holger
Page 565-574, PubMed:21716984
In vivo biofilm formation on different dental ceramics
Bremer, Felicia / Grade, Sebastian / Kohorst, Philipp / Stiesch, Meike
Page 575-577, PubMed:21716985
Accuracy of dentists in the clinical diagnosis of oral lesions
Kondori, Ida / Mottin, Roberta W. / Laskin, Daniel M.
Page 589-594, PubMed:21716987
A rare case of sialolithiasis of the lower lip simulating a mucocele and review of the literature
Okada, Hiroyuki / Yokokawa, Machiyo / Komiya, Masamichi / Akimoto, Yoshiaki / Kaneda, Takashi / Yamamoto, Hirotsugu
Page 601-609, PubMed:21716989
Altered functional activity patterns of fibroblasts related to periodontitis by systemci plasminogen deficiency (ligneous periodontitis)
Kurtulus, Idil / Kazmi, Batool / Lewis, Mark P. / Solakoglu, Seyhun / Schuster, Volker / Scully, Crispian / Gökbuget, Aslan / Wahl, Gerhard