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Issue 4/2011     2. Mar. 2011
2. Mar. 2011
Pages: 279 - 352

Page 279, PubMed:21661266
Editorial: Dose reduction and cone beam CT: Perception is reality
Mupparapu, Muralidhar / Singer, Steven R.
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Page 281-289, PubMed:21516273
Immediate loading of dental implants in the edentulous maxilla
Eccellente, Tammaro / Piombino, Michele / Piattelli, Adriano / D'Alimonte, Emanuela / Perrotti, Vittoria / lezzi, Giovanna
Page 291-300, PubMed:21516274
Evaluation of ß-tricalcium phoshate in human infrabony periodontal osseous defects: A clinical study
Chawla, Kirti / Lamba, Arundeep Kaur / Faraz, Farrukh / Tandon, Shruti
Page 301-306, PubMed:21516275
Radiographic evaluation of periapical lesions with and without biopsy-proven actinomyces: A pilot study
Kuklani, Riya M. / Bhattacharyya, Indraneel / Nair, Madhu K.
Page 307-315, PubMed:21516276
Antimicrobial efficacy of oral topical agents on microorganisms associated with radiated head and neck cancer patients: An in vitro study
Bidra, Avinash S. / Tarrand, Jeffrey J. / Roberts, Dianna B. / Rolston, Kenneth V. / Chambers, Mark S.
Page 317-322, PubMed:21516277
Coronal leakage in endodontically treated teeth restored with posts and complete crowns using different luting agent combinations
Nissan, Joseph / Rosner, Ofir / Gross, Ora / Pilo, Raphael / Lin, Shaul
Page 323-329, PubMed:21516278
Use of dental radiographic minipanel series in disabled adults in a university-based special care dental clinic
Strickland, Maxine / Canin, Rufus L. / Mahevich, Richard A. / Duda, Peter W. / Spicvack, Evan / Robinson, Mark D. / Mupparapu, Muralidhar
Page 331-338, PubMed:21516279
Hallermann-Streiff syndrome: Case report and literature review
Robotta, Peter / Schäfer, Edgar
Page 339-344, PubMed:21516280
Teeth and implant surroundings: Clinical health indices and microbiologic parameters
Vered, Yuval / Zini, Avi / Mann, Jonathan / Kolog, Hila / Steinberg, Doron / Zambon, Joseph J. / Haraszthy, Violet I. / DeVizio, William / Sreenivasan, Prem
Page 345-348, PubMed:21516281
Serum alkaline phosphatase: A potential marker in the progression of periodontal disease in cirrhosis patients
Jaiswal, Gagan / Deo, Vikas / Bhongade, Manohar / Jaiswal, Shraddha