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Issue 2/2011     10. Jan. 2011
10. Jan. 2011
Pages: 99 - 182

Page 99-100, PubMed:21476315
Guest Editorial: Treatment planning: For them or us?
Vitaletti, Gary
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 103-108, PubMed:21359243
Esthetic outcome of an immediately placed maxillary anterior single-tooth implant restored with a custom-made zirconia-ceramic abutment and crown: A staged treatment
Traini, Tonino / Pettinicchio, Marzia / Murmura, Giovanna / Varvara, Giuseppe / Di Lullo, Nicola / Sinjari, Bruna / Caputi, Sergio
Page 109-112, PubMed:21359244
A free gingival impression for achieving optimal interdental papilla height: A case report
Nozawa, Takeshi / Kitami, Norikazu / Tsurumaki, Shunzo / Enomoto, Hiroaki / Ito, Koichi
Page 113-120, PubMed:21359245
Rehabilitation of periodontally compromised teeth with fiber-reinforced composite resin: A case report
Hoeppner, Márcio Grama / Fonseca, Rodrigo Borges / Pfau, Eduardo Augusto / Justo, Flávio Roberto Machado / Fávero, Alexandre / Bremm, Laerte Luiz
Page 121-126, PubMed:21359246
Creeping attachment after 10 years of treatment of a gingival recession with acellular dermal matrix: A case report
Santos, Antonio / Goumenos, George / Pascual, Andrés / Nart, Jose
Page 127-133, PubMed:21359247
Clinical oral findings in dialysis and kidney-transplant patients
Dirschnabel, Acir José / Martins, A. de Souza / Dantas, S. A. Goncalves / Ribas, M. de Oliveira / Grégio, A. M. Trindade / Alanis, L. R. de Azevedo / Ignácio, S.A. / Trevilatto, P. C./ Casagrande, R. W. / de Lima, A. A. S. / Machado, M. A. N.
Page 157-163, PubMed:21359250
Elevated IL-10 concentrations in serum and saliva from patients with oral lichen planus
Dan, Hongxia / Liu, Wenzhao / Wang, Jiayi / Wang, Zhiyong / Wu, Ruiqing / Chen, Qianming / Zeng, Xin / Zhou, Yu
Page 165-171, PubMed:21359251
Retrospective study on direct pulp-capping with calcium hydroxide
Willershausen, Brita / Willershausen, Ines / Ross, Armin / Velikonja, Sonja / Kasaj, Adrian / Blettner, Maria
Page 173-182, PubMed:21359252
Zirconia-based fixed partial dentures: A clinical review
Bachhav, Vinay Chila / Aras, Meena Ajay
Online Article, Page 183, PubMed:21359242
Online Article: The effect of filler addition on biaxial flexure strength and modulus of commercial dentin bonding systems
Giannini, Marcelo / Mettenburg, Donald / Arrais, César Augusto Galvão / Rueggeberg, Frederick Allen