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Issue 10/2011     29. Sep. 2011
29. Sep. 2011
Pages: 815 - 889

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Page 817-822, PubMed:22025994
Segmental osteotomy for the correction of a malpositioned single implant: An 8-year follow-up
da Cunha, Hiron Andreaza / Filho, Hugo Nary / Batista, José Gilmar / Matsumoto, Mariza Akemi
Page 823-827, PubMed:22025995
Conservative approaches for the management of failed resin-based posterior restorations: A case report
Nahsan, Flavia Pardo Salata / Oliveira, Gabriela Ulian / Medina-Valdivia, Juan Rommel / Franco, Eduardo Batista / Mondelli, Rafael Francisco Lia / Wang, Linda
Page 829-833, PubMed:22025996
Modified distal shoe appliance for the loss of a primary second molar: A case report
Dhull, Kanika Singh / Bhojraj, Nandlal / Yadav, Shweta / Prabhakaran, Sheeja Devi
Page 843-850, PubMed:22025998
Survival of two post systems-Five-year results of a randomized clinical trial
Schmitter, Marc / Hamadi, Khaled / Rammelsberg, Peter
Page 863-871, PubMed:22026000
Alternative to the gold standard for sinus augmentation: Osteotome sinus elevation
Simon, Barry I. / Greenfield, Jay L.
Page 879-882, PubMed:22026002
Pleomorphic adenoma-Unusual presentation of a salivary gland tumor in the neck of a child
Arunkumar, K. V. / Kumar, Sanjeev / Bansal, Vishal / Saxena, Susmita / Elhence, Poonam
Page 883-889, PubMed:22026003
Oral syphilis lesions-A diagnostic approach and histologic characteristics of secondary stage
Czerninski, Rakefet / Pikovski, Ana / Meir, Karen / Casap, Nardy / Moses, Allon E. / Maly, Alex
Online Article, Page 890, PubMed:22026004
Online Article: Do dental impression materials play a role in cross contamination?
Matalon, Shlomo / Eini, Amir / Gorfil, Colin / Ben-Amar, Ariel / Slutzky, Hagay