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Issue 1/2011     14. Dec. 2010
14. Dec. 2010
Pages: 7 - 89

Page 7
Editorial: Professional adaptation
Heir, Gary M.
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Page 19-24, PubMed:21206929
The use of transitional implants to support provisional prostheses during the healing phase: A literature review
Oliveira de Almeida, Erika / Filho, Humberto Gennari / Goiatto, Marcelo Coelho
Page 25-28, PubMed:21206930
Surgical repositioning of the impacted immature maxillary central incisor
Choi, Sung Chul / Park, Jae Hong / Kwon, Young-Dae / Yoo, Eun Kyu / Yoo, Jung Eun
Page 29-36, PubMed:21206931
The antiplaque efficacy of pomegranate mouthrinse
Bhadbhade, Smruti J. / Acharya, Anirudh Balakrishna / Rodrigues, Silvia V. / Thakur, Srinath L.
Page 37-43, PubMed:21206932
Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to test the efficacy of NitrAdine tablets in maxillary removable orthodontic appliance patients
Vento-Zahra, Ethel / De Wever, Bart / Decelis, Stephen / Mallia, Kenneth / Camilleri, Simon
Page 45-55, PubMed:21206933
The effect of magnification loupes on the performance of preclinical dental students
Maggio, Margrit P. / Villegas, Hilda / Blatz, Markus B.
Page 57-68, PubMed:21206934
Prevalence of bleeding on probing: A cohort study in a specialist periodontal clinic
Farina, Roberto / Scapoli, Chiara / Carrieri, Alberto / Guarnelli, Maria Elena / Trombelli, Leonardo
Page 69-71, PubMed:21206935
Enamel pearls as a predisposing factor to localized periodontitis
Romeo, Umberto / Palaia, Gaspare / Botti, Ricciarda / Nardi, Alessandro / Del Vecchio, Alessandro / Tenore, Gianluca / Polimeni, Antonella
Page 73-78, PubMed:21206936
Painful temporomandibular disorders and headaches in 359 dental and medical students
Benoliel, Rafael / Sela, Gal / Teich, Sorin / Sharav, Yair
Page 79-89, PubMed:21206937
Effect of Nd:YAG laser and CO2 laser treatment on the resin bond strength to zirconia ceramic
Paranhos, Maria Paula Gandolfi / Burnett, Luiz Henrique / Magne, Pascal
Online Article, Page 90, PubMed:21206926
Online Article: Influence of ethanol drying on the bond between fiber posts and root canals: SEM analysis
Poggio, Claudio / Chiesa, Marco / Lombardini, Marco / Dagna, Alberto
Online Article, Page 91, PubMed:21206927
Online Article: Clinical evaluation of correction of pathologic migration with periodontal therapy
Rohatgi, Sumidha / Narula, Satish Chander / Sharma, Rajinder Kumar / Tewari, Shikha / Bansal, Pankaj