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Issue 9/2010     1. Sep. 2010
1. Sep. 2010
Pages: 715 - 794

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Page 717-724, PubMed:20806095
Morphologic and developmental disturbances of permanent teeth following trauma to primary dentition in a selected group of Maltese children
Scerri, Erica / Gatt, Gabriela / Camilleri, Simon / Mupparapu, Muralidhar
Page 725-729, PubMed:20806096
Surgical repositioning of a severely impacted mandibular second molar
Sabuncuoglu, Fidan Alakus / Sencimen, Metin / Gülses, Aydin
Page 731-737, PubMed:20806097
Self-reported complications with lip and tongue piercing
Kapferer, Ines / Berger, Katrin / Stuerz, Kristina / Beier, Ulrike S.
Page 739-748, PubMed:20806098
Management of multiple and isolated gingival recession sites with periodontal plastic surgical procedures - A case report
Amberkar, Snehal C. / Deshmukh, Vijay / Acharya, Aneesha / Jhaveri, Hiral M.
Page 759-767, PubMed:20806100
Cleaning efficacy of an apical negative-pressure irrigation system at different exposure times
Heilborn, Carlos / Reynolds, Kai / Johnson, James D. / Cohenca, Nestor
Page 769-771, PubMed:20806101
Schwannoma in the lower lip mucosa: Unexpected diagnosis
Cardoso, Camila Lopes / Tolentino, Elen de Souza / Capelozza, Ana Lúcia Alvares / Consolaro, Alberto
Page 773-777, PubMed:20806102
The influence of saliva on the dissolution of calcium fluoride after application of different fluoride gels in vitro
Hellwig, Elmar / Polydorou, Olga / Lussi, Adrian / Kielbassa, Andrej M. / Altenburger, Markus Jörg
Page 779-785, PubMed:20806103
Salivary calcium concentration in relation to periodontal health of female tobacco smokers: A pilot study
Kiss, Endre / Sewon, Liisi / Gorzó, István / Nagy, Katalin
Page 787-794, PubMed:20806104
Comparison of curing depth of a colored polyacid-modified composite resin with different light-curing units
Vandenbulcke, Jeroen D. E. / Marks, Luc A. M. / Martens, Luc C. / Verbeeck, Ronald M. H.
Online Article, Page 795, PubMed:20806093
Online Article: Microbicidal and cytotoxic effects of functional water in vitro
Gomi, Kazuhiro / Makino, Tomohiko / Suzuki, Shinichi / Hasegawa, Masako / Maeda, Nobuko / Arai, Takashi
Online Article, Page 795, PubMed:20806094
Online Article: Bond strengths of an epoxy resin-based fiber post with four adhesive systems
Wang, ZhiGang / Ji, YaLi / Zhang, FuQiang