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Issue 8/2010     27. July 2010
27. July 2010
Pages: 623 - 702

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Page 631-637, PubMed:20657851
Prospective study of zirconia-based restorations: 3-year clinical results
Beuer, Florian / Stimmelmayr, Michael / Gernet, Wolfgang / Edelhoff, Daniel / Güth, Jan-Frederic / Naumann, Michael
Page 639-644, PubMed:20657852
A comparative study of bone densitometry during osseointegration: Piezoelectric surgery versus rotary protocols
Di Alberti, Luca / Donnini, Federica / Di Alberti, Claudio / Camerino, Michele
Page 645-649, PubMed:20657853
Bismuth subgallate as a topical hemostatic agent at palatal donor sites
Kim, Sung Hyun / Tramontina, Vinicius Augusto / Papalexiou, Vula / Luczyszyn, Sônia Mara
Page 661-663, PubMed:20657855
Follicular lymphoma in the palate with clinical appearance similar to salivary gland tumors
Lima, Marina de Deus Moura / Artico, Gabriela / Soares, Fernando Augusto / Martins, Marília Trierveiler / Alves, Fabio Abreu
Page 665-672, PubMed:20657856
The impact of nonautogenous bone graft on orthodontic treatment
Reichert, Christoph / Götz, Werner / Smeets, Ralf / Wenghöfer, Mathias / Jäger, Andreas
Page 673-679, PubMed:20657857
Audiovisual video eyeglass distraction during dental treatment in children
Ram, Diana / Shapira, Joseph / Holan, Gideon / Magora, Florella / Cohen, Sarale / Davidovich,Esti
Page 681-687, PubMed:20657858
In vitro study of the correlation between the simulated clinical and radiographic examination of microgaps at the implant-abutment interface
Konermann, Anna C. / Zoellner, Axel / Chang, Brian M. / Wright, Robert F.
Page 695-702, PubMed:20657860
A long-term laboratory test on staining susceptibility of esthetic composite resin materials
Ardu, Stefano / Braut, Vedrana / Gutemberg, Daniel / Krejci, Ivo / Dietschi, Didier / Feilzer, Albert J.
Online Article, Page 703, PubMed:20657848
Online Article: Direct thickness measurements of the hard palate mucosa
Schacher, Beate / Bürklin, Thomas / Horodko, Martin / Raetzke, Peter / Ratka-Krüger, Petra / Eickholz, Peter
Online Article, Page 703, PubMed:20657849
Online Article: Effects of bleaching agents containing fluoride and calcium on human enamel
Cavalli, Vanessa / Azevedo Rodrigues, Lidiany Karla / Paes-Leme, Adriana Franco / Brancalion, Marcel Luis / Arruda, Marco Aurélio Zezzi / Bittencourt Berger, Sandrine / Giannini, Marcelo