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Issue 7-8/2010     4. June 2010
4. June 2010
Pages: 535 - 609

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Page 537-541, PubMed:20614038
Procedures of endoscopic periradicular surgery
Yura, Shinya / Ooi, Kazuhiro / Izumiyama, Yuri
Page 543-545, PubMed:20614039
Improved pathologic teeth migration following gingivectomy in a case of idiopathic gingival fibromatosis
Seki, Keisuke / Sato, Shuichi / Asano, Yukhiro / Akutagawa, Hideyasu / Ito, Koichi
Page 547-549, PubMed:20614040
A new technique for root coverage using buccal fat pad - A short case report
Kumari, Burnice Nalina / Thiagarajan, Ramakrishnan / Narayanan, Vivek / Devadoss, Pradeep / Mammen, Biju / Emmadi, Pamela
Page 551-556, PubMed:20614041
Dental aspects in patient with DiGeorge syndrome
Toka, Okan / Karl, Matthias / Dittrich, Sven / Holst, Stefan / Holst, Alexandra
Page 557-566, PubMed:20614042
Outcomes of MTA as root-end filling in endodontic surgery: A systematic review
Tang, Yin / Li, Xiaoting / Yin, Shihai
Page 567-573, PubMed:20614043
Color management of porcelain veneers: Influence of dentin and resin cement colors
Dozic, Alma / Tsagkari, Maria / Khashayar, Ghazal / Aboushelib, Moustafa Nabil
Page 575-579, PubMed:20614044
Short dental implants in reduced alveolar bone height
Raviv, Eli / Turcotte, Antony / Harel-Raviv, Mili
Page 581-583, PubMed:20614045
A unique presentation of a squamous cell carcinoma in a pregnant patient
Cudney, Nicholas / Ochs, Mark W. / Johnson, Jonas / Roccia, Wayne / Collins, Bobby M. / Costello, Bernard J.
Page 585-590, PubMed:20614046
In vitro evaluation of marginal adaptation in five ceramic restoration fabricating techniques
Ural, Cagri / Burgaz, Yavuz / Sarac, Duygu
Page 591-594, PubMed:20614047
Color coding periodontal instruments
Zohn, Harry K.
Page 595-604, PubMed:20614048
Effects of 1.23% acidulated phoshate fluoride gel and drinkable yogurt on human enamel erosion, in vitro
Jitpukdeebodintra, Suwanna / Chuenarrom, Chanya / Muttarak, Chicha / Khonsuphap, Pakchisa / Prasattakarn, Sumana
Online Article, Page 610, PubMed:20614036
Online Article: Bonding property of two resin-reinforced glass-ionomer cements to zirconia ceramic
Zhang, Wei / Masumi, Shin Ichi / Song, Xiao Meng
Online Article, Page 611, PubMed:20614037
Online Article: Influence of air-polishing devices and abrasives on root dentin-An in vitro confocal laser scanning microscope study
Pelka, Matthias / Trautmann, Sandra / Petschelt, Anselm / Lohbauer, Ullrich