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Issue 5/2010     31. Mar. 2010
31. Mar. 2010
Pages: 359 - 437

Page 359-360, PubMed:20583381
Editorial: Genetics and dentistry
Camilleri, Simon / Mupparapu, Muralidhar
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 363-369, PubMed:20376370
Minimally invasive technique for transcrestal sinus floor elevation: A case report
Trombelli, Leonardo / Minenna, Pasquale / Franceschetti, Giovanni / Minenna, Luigi / Itro, Angelo / Farina, Roberto
Page 371-378, PubMed:20376371
Transition from a failing dentition to a removable implant-supported prosthesis: A staged approach
Cordaro, Luca / Torsello, Ferruccio / Ribeiro, Carlos Accorsi
Page 379-386, PubMed:20376372
Alternative to the gold standard for alveolar ridge augmentation: Tenting screw technology
Simon, Barry I. / Chiang, Tat Fai / Drew, Howard J.
Page 387-389, PubMed:20376373
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma masquerading as TMJ orofacial pain
Khan, Junad / Quek, Samuel Y.P. / Markman, Stanley
Page 391-393, PubMed:20376374
A Stafne bone defect in the anterior mandible-A diagnostic dilemma
Krafft, Tim / Eggert, Jochen / Karl, Matthias
Page 395-398, PubMed:20376375
Psoriatic arthritis: Temporomandibular joint involvement as the first articular phenomenon
Farronato, Giampietro / Garagiola, Umberto / Carletti, Vera / Cressoni, Paolo / Bellintani, Claudio
Page 411-416, PubMed:20376377
Evaluating and comparing phagocytic functions of salivary and blood neutrophils in patients with recurrent aphthous ulcers and controls
Kumar, B. Praveen / Keluskar, Vaishali / Bagewadi, Anjana S. / Shetti, Arvind
Page 417-425, PubMed:20376378
Shrinkage evaluation of composite polymerized with LED units using laser interferometry
Knezevic, Alena / Sariri, Kristina / Sovic, Ivica / Demoli, Nazif / Tarle, Zrinka
Page 427-431, PubMed:20376379
Early antimicrobial activity of intracanal medications on the external root surface of periodontally compromised teeth
Silva, Mônica Reggi Reis / Chambrone, Leandro / Bombana, Antônio Carlos / Lima, Luiz A.
Online Article, Page 438, PubMed:20376367
Online Article: Patients' self-perception of tooth shade in relation to professionally objective evaluation
Samorodnitzky-Naveh, Gili R. / Grossmann, Yoav / Bachner, Yaacov G. / Levin, Liran
Online Article, Page 438, PubMed:20376368
Online Article: Influence of framework color and layering technique on the final color of zirconia veneered restorations
Aboushelib, Moustafa Nabil / Dozic, Alma / Liem, Jeff K.