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Issue 4/2010     1. Mar. 2010
1. Mar. 2010
Pages: 275 - 349

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Page 277-283, PubMed:20305861
Clinical evaluation of a fixed (retrievable) implant-supported prosthesis in the edentulous jaw: A 5-year report
Lixin, Xiang / Hu, Xiulian / Mehrhof, Juergen / Nelson, Katja
Page 285-293, PubMed:20305862
Immediate loading of full-arch fixed protheses supported by axial and tilted implants for the treatment of edentulous atrophic mandibles
Agliardi, Enrico / Clericò, Matteo / Ciancio, Paolo / Massironi, Domenico
Page 295-297, PubMed:20305863
Dystrophic calcifications arising in the masseter muscle: A case report
Sencimen, Metin / Gulses, Aydin / Ogretir, Ozlem / Gunhan, Omer / Ozkaynak, Ozkan / Okcu, Kemal Murat
Page 299-302, PubMed:20305864
Three cases of subpontic osseous hyperplasia of the mandible: A report
Islam, Mohammed N. / Cohen, Donald M. / Waite, Matthew T. / Bhattacharyya, Indraneel
Page 303-312, PubMed:20305865
Short-term effects of systemic antibiotics during periodontal healing
Buchmann, Rainer / Conrads, Georg / Sculean, Anton
Page 321-333, PubMed:20305867
Etiolgic factors of hyposalivation and consequences for oral health
Tschoppe, Peter / Wolgin, Michael / Pischon, Nicole / Kielbassa, Andrej M.
Page 335-339, PubMed:20305868
Bacterial leakage of provisional restorative materials used in endodontics
Hartwell, Gary R. / Loucks, Carina A. / Reavley, Brenton A.
Page 341-349, PubMed:20305869
Influence of root-surface conditioning with acid and chelating agents on clot stabilization
Leite, Fábio Renato Manzolli / Sampaio, José Eduardo Cezar / Zandim, Daniela Leal / Dantas, Andréa Abi Rached / Leite, Elza Regina Manzolli / Leite, Amauri Antiquera
Online Article, Page 350, PubMed:20305858
Online Article: A histologic investigation of direct pulp capping in rodents with dentin adhesives and calcium hydroxide
Dammaschke, Till / Stratmann, Udo / Fischer, Rudolf-Josef / Sagheri, Darius / Schäfer, Edgar
Online Article, Page 350, PubMed:20305859
Online Article: Cavernous sinus thrombosis in a patient with facial myiasis
Alves, Carlos Augusto Ferreira / Ribeiro, Ophir Jr / Borba, Alexandre Meireles / Ribeiro, Annelise Nazareth Cunha / Guimarães, Jayro Jr
Online Article, Page 351, PubMed:20305860
Online Article: Thurston syndrome: Oral and systemic manifestations. Case report and review of the literature
Naikmasur, Venkatesh G. / Rai, Arpita / Revanappa, Manjunatha M. / Mutalik, Sunil