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Issue 3/2010     28. Jan. 2010
28. Jan. 2010
Pages: 183 - 263

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Page 191-195, PubMed:20213018
Multidisciplinary management of multiple maxillary anterior supernumerary teeth: A case report
Kulkarni, Vinaya Kumar / Reddy, Sampath / Duddu, Mahesh / Reedy, Deepti
Page 205-207, PubMed:20213020
Simplified technique for rebuilding a post and core foundation with a preexisting crown: A case report
Signore, Antonio / Benedicenti, Stefano / Kaitsas, Vassilios / Barone, Michele
Page 209-212, PubMed:20213021
Diminutive, interradicular "hybrid" desmoplastic / acanthomatous ameloblastoma
Brooks, John K. / Al-Mubarak, Hussain / Ribera, Michael J. / Cohen, Paul D. / Ross, David S. / Scheper, Mark A.
Page 213-220, PubMed:20213022
The subepithelial connective tissue pedicle graft combined with the coronally advanced flap for restoring missing papilla: A report of two cases
Pinto, Rodrigo Carlos Nahas De Castro / Colombini, Bella Luna / Ishikiriama, Sérgio Kiyoshi / Chambrone, Leandro / Pustiglioni, Francisco Emílio / Romito, Giuseppe Alexandre
Page 229-237, PubMed:20213024
Periodontal disease and the oral-systemic connection: "Is it all the RAGE?"
Katz, Joseph / Wallet, Shannon / Cha, Seunghee
Page 249-256, PubMed:20213026
Influence of immediate attachment loss during instrumentation employing thin ultrasonic tips on clinical response to nonsurgical periodontal therapy
Casarin, Renato Corrêa Viana / Bittencourt, Sandro / Ribeiro, Érica Del Peloso / Nociti, Francisco Humberto / Sallum, Antonio Wilson / Sallum, Enilson Antônio / Casati, Márcio Zafallon
Page 257-263, PubMed:20213027
In vitro evaluation of the effect of dietary acids and toothbrushing on human root dentin permeability
Zandim, Daniela Leal / Leite, Fábio Renato Manzolli / Sampaio, José Eduardo Cezar
Online Article, Page 264, PubMed:20213013
Online Article: Evaluation of a mucoadhesive lipid-based bioerodable tablet compared with Biotène mouthwash for dry mouth relief-A pilot study
Aframian, Doron J. / Mizrahi, Boaz / Granot, Igal / Domb, Abraham J.
Online Article, Page 264, PubMed:20213014
Online Article: Sulcus depth reproduction with polyvinyl siloxane impression material: Effects of hydrophilicity and impression temperature
Takahashi, Hidekazu / Finger, Werner J. / Kurokawa, Rie / Furukawa, Masae / Komatsu, Masashi
Online Article, Page 265, PubMed:20213015
Online Article: Lipid proteinosis: A case report
Santana, N. / Devi, B. K. Yashoda / Ramadoss, Thanuja / Sumati, T. / Prasad, Sham / Swamy, Shiva
Online Article, Page 265, PubMed:20213016
Online Article: A stepwise multiple regression model to assess the odds ratio between myofascial pain and 13 occlusal features in 238 Italian women
Fantoni, Francesco / Chiappe, Giacomo / Landi, Nicola / Romagnoli, Mario / Bosco, Mario