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Issue 10/2010     6. Oct. 2010
6. Oct. 2010
Pages: 807 - 883

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Page 809-814, PubMed:20927416
Diagnostic value of NobelGuide to minimize the need for reconstructive surgery of jaws before implant placement: A review
Scotti, Roberto / Pellegrino, Gerardo / Marchetti, Claudio / Corinaldesi, Guiseppe / Ciocca, Leonardo
Page 815-820, PubMed:20927417
An unusual triplication of primary teeth - A rare case report
Mohapatra, Abinash / Prabhakar, Attiguppe Ramasetty / Raju, Orekondi Sittalingappa
Page 821-825, PubMed:20927418
Chondrosarcoma of the maxilla mimicking pulp disease on initial presentation
Nonaka, Cassiano Francisco Weege / de Aquino, Ana Rafaela Luz / de Almeida, Isabel Cristina Pinheiro / de Souza, Lélia Batista / Pinto, Leao Pereira
Page 827-835, PubMed:20927419
Long-term antibacterial surface properties of composite resin incorporating polyethyleneimine nanoparticles
Beyth, Nurit / Yudovin-Fearber, Ira / Domb, Abraham J. / Weiss, Ervin Izhak
Page 837-844, PubMed:20927420
Optical integration and fluorescence: A comparison among restorative materials with spectrophotometric analysis
Lefever, Dorien / Mayoral, Juan Ricardo / Mercade, Montse / Basilio, Juan / Roig, Miguel
Page 845-853, PubMed:20927421
Comparison of the three-dimensional correctness of impression techniques: A randomized controlled trial
Luthardt, Ralph Gunnar / Walter, Michael H. / Quaas, Sebastian / Koch, Rainer / Rudolph, Heike
Page 855-861, PubMed:20927422
A randomized clinical evaluation if triclosan-containing dentifrice and mouthwash association in the control of plaque and gingivitis
Villalpando, Karina Teixeira / Casarin, Renato Corrêa Viana / Pimentel, Suzana Peres / Cirano, Fabiano Ribeiro / Casati, Márcio Zafallon
Page 863-867, PubMed:20927423
Implant-supported oral rehabilitation of a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus: Case report and review of the literature
Ergun, Sertan / Katz, Joseph / Cifter, Ebru Demet / Koray, Meltem / Esen, Bahar Artim / Tanyeri, Hakki
Page 869-872, PubMed:20927424
Wrong tooth extraction: Root cause analysis
Peleg, Oren / Givot, Navot / Halamish-Shani, Tali / Taicher, Shlomo
Page 873-875, PubMed:20927425
Pigmentary demarcation lines (Futcher lines): An orofacial case
Mintz, Sheldon / Velez, Ines
Page 877-883, PubMed:20927426
Gingival crevicular fluid biochemical markers in periodontal disease: A cross-sectional study
Perozini, Caroline / Chibebe, Priscilla C.A. / Leao, Mariella Vieira Pereira / Queiroz, Celso da Silva / Pallos, Débora
Online Article, Page 884, PubMed:20927414
Online Article: Knoop hardness of five composites cured with single-peak and polywave LED curing lights
Price, Richard B. T. / Fahey, John / Felix, Christopher M.
Online Article, Page 884, PubMed:20927415
Online Article: Short-term in situ/ex vivo study of the anticariogenic potential of a resin-modified glass-ionomer cement associated with adhesive systems
Wang, Linda / Honório, Heitor Marques / Rios, Daniela / Delbem, Alberto Carlos Botazzo / Palma-Dibb, Regina Guenka / Buzalaf, Marília Afonso Rabelo / Atta, Maria Teresa / Tenuta, Livia Maria Andaló