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Issue 5/2009     7. Apr. 2009
7. Apr. 2009
Pages: 347 - 426

Page 347
Guest Editorial: Has the time come?
Weiner, Saul
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 351-354, PubMed:19582237
Osteomyelitis of the mandible following third molar surgery: A regrettable consequence in a healthy patient
Schoen, Ralf/Suarez-Cunqueiro, Maria M./Metzger, Marc C./Schmelzeisen, Rainer
Page 355-358, PubMed:19582238
Reactive repositioning of pathologically migrated teeth following periodontal therapy
Kumar S. C., Veerendra/Anitha, S/Thomas, Cindy Mary
Page 359-361, PubMed:19582239
Uprighting impacted mandibular second molars with orthodontic elastic separating rings
Saito, Célia T. M. H./Pozzobon Pereira, Alex Luiz/Varanda, Thaís/Panzarini, Sônia Regina/Bernabé, Pedro Felício Estrada/de Mendonça, Marcos Rogério
Page 389-398, PubMed:19582243
Dental radiographic guidelines: A review
Kim, Irene H. / Mupparapu, Muralidhar
Page 399-404, PubMed:19582244
Dexamucobase: A novel treatment for oral aphthous ulceration
Al-Na'mah, Zinah Mudhafer / Carson, Ray / Thanoon, Imad Abdul Jabbar
Page 405-412, PubMed:19582245
Analysis of retention and wear of ball attachments
Wolf, Katja / Ludwig, Klaus / Hartfil, Heike / Kern, Matthias
Page 413-419, PubMed:19582246
Implants inserted in fresh-frozen bone: A retrospective analysis of 88 implants loaded 4 months after insertion
Carinci, Francesco / Guidi, Riccardo / Franco, Maurizio / Viscioni, Alessandro / Rigo, Leone / De Santis, Bruno / Tropina, Emanuela
Page 421-426, PubMed:19582247
Intraexaminer reliability of measurement of tooth color by spectrophotometry
Hassel, Alexander J. / Cevirgen, Engin / Balke, Zibandeh / Rammelsberg, Peter
Online Article, Page 427, PubMed:19582235
Online Article: Mouthguard retention: Is design or accuracy of fit more critical?
Maeda, Yoshinobu / Yonehata, Yuri / Satoh, Hajime