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Issue 10/2009     1. Oct. 2009
1. Oct. 2009
Pages: 799 - 879

Page 799, PubMed:19898709
Editorial: Implant imaging: Exploring the evidence
Mupparapu, Muralidhar
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 801-803, PubMed:19898710
Dental fusion: A case report of esthetic conservative management
Veeraiyan, Deepak Nallaswamy / Fenton, Aaron
Page 805-808, PubMed:19898711
Primary extranodal non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the gingiva initially misdiagnosed as dental abscess
Martinelli-Kläy, Carla Patrícia / Martinelli, Celso Ricardo / Martinelli, Celso / Dias, José Beneditio / Cheade, Teresa Cristina / Lombardi, Tommaso
Page 809-818, PubMed:19898712
Excessive gingival display-Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment modalities
Silberberg, Nir / Goldstein, Moshe / Smidt, Ami
Page 833-836, PubMed:19898714
Estimation of visual shade matching errors with 2 shade guides
Oh, Won-suk / Koh, Il-Woong / O'Brien, William J.
Page 837-842, PubMed:19898715
Odontogenic carcinoma differentiation into rhabdomyosarcoma: Report of a rare case
Kim, King / Velez, Ines / Kaltman, Steven I. / Lopez, Eustorgio / Stern, Diane
Page 843-847, PubMed:19898716
Effects of temperature on composite resin shrinkage
Walter, Ricardo / Swift, Edward J. / Sheikh, Huma / Ferracane, Jack L.
Page 849-855, PubMed:19898717
Treatment of bruxism in children: A systematic review
Restrepo, Claudia / Gómez, Sandra / Manrique, Ruben
Page 857-863, PubMed:19898718
Activation of cyclic AMP response element-binding protein (CREB) in aggressive periodontal disease
Buchmann, Rainer / Roessler, Ralf / Sculean, Anton
Page 865-874, PubMed:19898719
Tensile bond strength of dentin adhesives on acid- and laser-etched dentin surfaces
Tarcin, Bilge / Günday, Mahir / Övecoglu, Hesna S. / Türkmen, Cafer / Övecoglu, M. Lütfi / Öksüz, Mustafa / Ay, Mustafa
Page 875-879, PubMed:19898720
Comparison of 2 flushing methods used during passive ultrasonic irrigation of the root canal
van der Sluis, Lucas / Wu, Min-Kai / Wesselink, Paul
Online Article, Page 880, PubMed:19898707
Online Article: Decontamination efficacy of antiseptic agents on in vivo grown biofilms on rough titanium surfaces
Sennhenn-Kirchner, Sabine / Wolff, Nadine / Klaue, Sören / Mergeryan, Hamparsum / Zepelin, Margarete Borg-von
Online Article, Page 880, PubMed:19898708
Online Article: Periapical cemental dysplasia in twin sisters: A case report
Leal, Rosana Maria / Santiago, Mônica de Oliveira / Silveira, Frank Ferreira / Nunes, Eduardo / Capistrano, Herminia Marques
Online Article, Page 881, PubMed:20157935
Online Article: Effect of microwave postpolymerization treatment and of storage time in water on the cytotoxicity of denture base and reline acrylic resins
Jorge, Janaina Habib / Giampaolo, Eunice Teresinha / Vergani, Carlos Eduardo / Pavarina, Ana Cláudia / Machado, Ana Lúcia / Carlos, Iracilda Zeppone