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Issue 1/2009     28. Nov. 2008
28. Nov. 2008
Pages: 7 - 91

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Page 13-18, PubMed:19159019
Odontogenic sinus tracts: A cohort study
Slutzky-Goldberg, Iris / Tsesis, Igor / Slutzky, Hagay / Heling, Ilana
Page 29-40, PubMed:19159021
Local application of tetracycline solution with a microbrush: An alternative treatment for persistent periodontitis
Bosco, Joseane M. D. / Lopes, Beatriz M. V. / Bosco, Alvaro F. / Spolidorio, Denise M. P. / Marcantonio, Rosemary A. C.
Page 41-46, PubMed:19159022
Primary oral malignant melanoma-A case report and review of the literature
Gondivkar. Shailesh M. / Indurkar, Atul / Degwekar, Shirish / Bhowate, Rahul
Page 47-52, PubMed:19159023
Pigmentation susceptibility of teeth after bleaching with 2 systems: An in vitro study
Setien, Victor / Roshan, Susan / Cala, Cynthia / Ramirez, Robert
Page 61-72, PubMed:19159025
Odontomas: A clinicopathologic study in a Portuguese population
da Silva, Liliana Faria / David, Leonor / Ribeiro, Diana / Felino, António
Page 73-77, PubMed:19159026
Efficacy of dental practitioners in injection techniques: Computerized device and traditional syringe
Koyuturk, Alp Erdin / Avsar, Aysun / Sumer, Mahmut
Page 79-85, PubMed:19159027
Intraoral lipomas: A study of 26 cases in a Brazilian population
Aguiar de Freitas, Mirella / Freitas, Valéria Souza / de Lima, Antônio Adilson Soares / Pereira Jr, Fernando Bastos / dos Santos, Jean Nunes
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Page 87-91, PubMed:19172764
Masseteric nerve block for masseter muscle pain-A clinical note
Quek, Samuel Y. P. / Grunwerg, Barry S.