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Issue 8/2008     16. July 2008
16. July 2008
Pages: 627 - 703

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Page 645-659, PubMed:19107251
Vital tooth bleaching: Biologic adverse effects-A review
Minoux, Maryline / Serfaty, René
Page 673-678, PubMed:19107254
Oral effects of nonmyeloablative stem cell transplantation: A prospective observational study
Elad, Sharon / Shapira, Michael Y. / McNeal, Sandre / Or, Reuven / Garfunkel, Adi A. / Hirschhorn, Ariel / Bitan, Menachem / Resnick, Igor / Gesundheit, Benjamin / Barasch, Andrei
Page 679-683, PubMed:19107255
Aneurysmal bone cyst of the tuberculum articulare of the temporomandibular joint: A case report
Smolka, Wenko / Lieger, Olivier / Balmer, Mary-Claude / Brekenfeld, Caspar / Iizuka, Tateyuki / Smolka, Koord
Page 693-697, PubMed:19107257
Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor developing in association with an odontoma: Report of a case
Cudney, Nicholas / Persico, Jeffrey / Cordell, Kitrina G. / D'Silva, Nisha J.
Page 698-701, PubMed:19107258
Foreign body in the maxillary sinus: Report of an unusual case
Dimitrakopoulos, Ioannis / Papadaki, Maria
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Online Article, Page 630, PubMed:19107247
Online Article: Effect of reduced post length on the resistance to fracture of crowned, endodontically treated teeth
Nissan, Joseph / Barnea, Eitan / Carmon, Daniela / Gross, Martin / Assif, David