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Issue 7/2008     2. June 2008
2. June 2008
Pages: 539 - 617

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Page 541-548, PubMed:19107261
The central single implant in the edentulous mandible: Improvement of function and quality of life-A report of 2 cases
Wolfart, Stefan / Braasch, Katja / Brunzel, Simone / Kern, Matthias
Page 549-557, PubMed:19107262
Evaluation of 2 endodontic techniques used to treat human primary molars with furcation radiolucency area: A 48-month radiographic study
Coser, Rose Mary / Gondim, Juliana Oliveira / Giro, Elisa Maria Aparecida
Page 559-565, PubMed:19107263
Impact of clinical experience on the accuracy of probing depth measurements
Seabra, Rodrigo Costa / Costa, Fernando Oliveira / Costa, José Eustáquio / Van Dyke, Thomas / Soares, Rodrigo Villamarim
Page 567-572, PubMed:19107264
Bilateral twinned teeth and multiple supernumerary teeth: A case report
Tümen, Emin Caner / Hamamci, Nihal / Kaya, Filiz Acun / Tümen, Demet Süer / Celenk, Sema
Page 573-579, PubMed:19107265
Measurement of select physical and mechanical properties of 3 machinable ceramic materials
Charlton, David G. / Roberts, Howard W. / Tiba, Amer
Page 581-586, PubMed:19107266
Flexural properties, microleakage, and degree of conversion of a resin polymerized with conventional light and argon laser
Ramos Lloret, Patricia / Turbino, Miriam Lacalle / Kawano, Yoshio / Aguilera, Fatima Sanchez / Osorio, Raquel / Toledano, Manuel
Page 603-609, PubMed:19107269
Effect of accelerated aging on the color stability of feldspathic ceramic treated with various surface treatments
Atay, Arzu / Oruc, Selcuk / Ozen, Jülide / Sipahi, Cumhur
Page 611-615, PubMed:19107270
Oral focal mucinosis
Adilson Soares de Lima, Antonio / Machado, Maria Angela Naval / Martins, Wilson Denis / Grégio, Ana Maria Trindade / Dirschnabel, Acir José / Mattioli, Tatiana Maria Folador / Martins, Ana Paula Camargo
Page 616-617, PubMed:19107271
Radiographic Diagnostics
Schulze, Dirk
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