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Issue 6/2008     29. Apr. 2008
29. Apr. 2008
Pages: 455 - 527

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Page 459-471, PubMed:19057742
HIP zirconia fixed partial dentures - Clinical results after 3 years of clinical service
Edelhoff, Daniel / Beuer, Florian / Weber, Volker / Johnen, Christine
Page 473-483, PubMed:19057743
Role of platelet-rich plasma in soft tissue root-coverage procedures: A review
Bashutzki, Jill D. / Wang, Hom-Lay
Page 491-494, PubMed:19057745
Garlic burn as self-inflicted mucosal injury - A case report and review of the literature
Bagga, Sukhchain / Thomas, Betsy S. / Bhat, K. Mahalinga
Page 495-499, PubMed:19057746
In vitro comparison of ceramic burs and conventional tungsten carbide bud burs in dentin caries excavation
Dammaschke, Till / Vesnic, Aleksandra / Schäfer, Edgar
Page 501-505, PubMed:19057747
Effect of varying coping thickness on early load-to-fracture strength of Procera AllCeram copings cemented with 2 resin-modified glass-ionomer cements
Miskinis, Stephanie B. / Snyder, Mark / Sierraalta, Marianella / Billy, Edward / Razzoog, Michael E.
Page 507-510, PubMed:19057748
Oral hobnail hemangioma - A case report
Rashmi, Metgud S. / Alka, Kale D. / Seema, Charantimath
Page 511-516, PubMed:19057749
Cytotoxicity of recent dentin bonding agents on mouse fibroblast cells
Grobler, Sias R. / Oliver, Annette / Moodley, Desi / Van Wyk Kotze, Theunis J.
Page 517-522, PubMed:19057750
Effects of microabrasion on substance loss, surface roughness, and colorimetric changes on enamel in vitro
Paic, Maja / Sener, Beatrice / Schug, Jens / Schmidlin, Patrick R.
Page 523-527, PubMed:19057751
Ameloblastic fibroma of the mandible associated with root resorption and unerupted teeth: A case report
Dimitrakopoulos, Ioannis / Psomaderis, Konstantinos / Zaramboukas, Thomas