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Issue 5/2008     7. Apr. 2008
7. Apr. 2008
Pages: 367 - 445

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Page 371-379, PubMed:19088951
Orthodontic extrusion with magnets: A case report
Mehl, Christian / Wolfart, Stefan / Kern, Matthias
Page 381-389, PubMed:19088952
Gingival crevicular fluid levels of aspartate aminotransferase and alpha2-macroglobulin before and after topical application of metronidazole or scaling and root planing
Knöfler, Gerhild / Purschwitz, Regina / Jentsch, Holger / Birkenmeier, Gerd / Schmidt, Hannelore
Page 391-399, PubMed:19088953
A randomized CIE L*a*b* evaluation of external bleaching therapy effects on fluorotic enamel stains
Knösel, Michael / Attin, Rengin / Becker, Klaus / Attin, Thomas
Page 401-405, PubMed:19088954
Chronic sinusitis associated with the use of unrecognized bone substitute: A case report
Beklen, Arzu / Pihakari, Antti / Rautemaa, Riina / Hietanen, Jarkko / Ali, Ahmed / Konttinen, Yrjö T.
Page 407-412, PubMed:19088955
Six-year clinical evaluation of ceramic inlays and onlays
Galiatsatos, Aristdis A. / Bergou, Dimitra
Page 413-419, PubMed:19088956
Marginal adaptation of Class 2 adhesive restorations
Duarte Jr, Sillas / Saad, José Roberto Cury
Page 421-426, PubMed:19088957
Rehabilitation of an edentulous mandible with an implant-supported fixed prosthesis using an all-ceramic framework: A case report
Hassel, Alexander J. / Shahin, Raed / Kreuter, Alexander / Rammelsberg, Peter