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Issue 4/2008     26. Feb. 2008
26. Feb. 2008
Pages: 279 - 348

Page 279, PubMed:19081895
Guest Editorial: The emotional driver
Teich, Sorin
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 289-298, PubMed:19081897
Relationship between interleukin-1 genotype and peri-implantitis: A literature review
Andreiotelli, Marina / Koutayas, Spiridon-Oumvertos / Madianos, Phoebus N. / Strub, Jörg-Rudolf
Page 299-306, PubMed:19081898
Spectrophotometric evaluation of the efficacy of a new in-office bleaching technique
Benbachir, Nacer / Ardu, Stefano / Krejci, Ivo
Page 307-311, PubMed:19081899
Periodontal findings and other oral manifestations in Proteus syndrome: A case report
Canabarro, Antonio / Galheigo, Tania Maria / Galheigo de Oliveira e Silva, Diogo / Muniz Barretto Tinoco, Eduardo
Page 313-319, PubMed:19081900
Zirconia resin-bonded fixed partial dentures in the anterior maxilla
Rosentritt, Martin / Kolbeck, Carola / Ries, Stefan / Gross, Marlen / Behr, Michael / Handel, Gerhard
Page 321-325, PubMed:19081901
Clinical effectiveness of a strontium chloride-containing desensitizing agent over 6 months: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
Kobler, Annett / Kuß, Oliver / Schaller, Hans-Günter / Gernhardt, Christian R.
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Page 331-336, PubMed:19081903
Rare, simultaneous, multiple, and recurrent mandibular bone cysts
Mupparapu, Muralidhar / Milles, Maano / Singer, Steven R. / Rinaggio, Joseph
Page 337-342, PubMed:19081904
Dynamic occlusions in natural permanent dentition
Panek, Halina / Matthews-Brzozowska, Teresa / Nowakowska, Danuta / Panek, Beata / Bielicki, Grzegorz / Makacewicz, Slawomir / Mankiewicz, Malgorzata
Page 343-348, PubMed:19081905
Xerostomia and lichenoid reaction in a hepatitis C patient treated with interferon-alpha: A case report
Ojha, Junu / Bhattacharyya, Indraneel / Islam, Nadim / Cohen, Donald M. / Stewart, Carol M. / Katz, Joseph
Online Article, Page 349, PubMed:19081890
Online Article: Clinical efficacy of the Vector system in excess cement removal during fixed prosthodontic treatment
Akgüngör, Gökhan / Aydın, Murat / Sen, Deniz / Issever, Halim
Online Article, Page 349, PubMed:19081891
Online Article: Willingness of Jordanian clinicians to treat a hepatitis B-infected patient
El-Maaytah, Mohammed A. / Jerjes, Waseem / Upile, Tahwinder / Patel, Brijesh J. / Hammad, Osama Abu / Odeh, Najla Dar / Moutasim, Karwan / El-Maaytah, Khalid A. / Shmailan, Yousif Al / Scully, Crispia M.
Online Article, Page 350, PubMed:19081892
Online Article: Use of oral exfoliative cytology to diagnose desquamative gingivitis: A pilot study
Endo, Hiroyasu / Rees, Terry D. / Kuyama, Kayo / Matsue, Miyoko / Yamamoto, Hirotsugu
Online Article, Page 350, PubMed:19081893
Online Article: Successful treatment using occlusive steroid therapy in patients with erosive lichen planus: A report on 2 cases
Endo, Hiroyasu / Rees, Terry D. / Kuyama, Kayo / Matsue, Miyoko / Yamamoto, Hirotsugu
Online Article, Page 351, PubMed:19081894
Online Article: Assessment of blood mercury levels in practicing Turkish clinicians, dental students, and dental nurses
Paksoy, Candan S. / Görgün, Sebahat / Nalcacı, Rana / Yagbasan, Ayse