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Issue 2/2008     8. Jan. 2008
8. Jan. 2008
Pages: 97 - 176

Page 97, PubMed:18560647
Editorial: The value of oral rehabilitation
Heydecke, Guido
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 99-106, PubMed:18560648
Endocrowns: A clinical report
Lander, Erika / Dietschi, Didier
Page 107-116, PubMed:18560649
Simplified versus comprehensive fabrication of complete dentures: Patient ratings of denture satisfaction from a randomized crossover trial
Heydecke, Guido / Vogeler, Michael / Wolkewitz, Martin / Türp, Jens C. / Strup, Joerg R.
Page 131-137, PubMed:18560651
Esthetic and functional dental rehabilitation in a patient with gastroesophageal reflux
Broliato, Gustavo André / Volcato, Danielle Biancini / Reston, Eduardo Galia / Kramer, Paulo Floriani / Marquezan, Marcela / Ruzzarin, Fabrício / Spiguel, Monica Hermann
Page 139-150, PubMed:18560652
Risk stratification and dental management of the patient with thyroid dysfunction
Huber, Michaell A. / Terézhalmy, Géza T.
Page 159-163, PubMed:18560654
An evaluation of bacterial contamination of barriers used in periapical tissue regeneration: Part 1-Bacterial adherence
Sharma, Priya / Mickel, André K. / Chogle, Sami / Sharma, Prem Nath / Han, Yiping W. / Jones, Jefferson J.
Page 165-176, PubMed:18560655
Prophylactic third molar extractions: US dental school departments' recommendations from 1998/99 to 2004/05
Jasinevicius, T. Roma / Pyle, Marsha A. / Kohrs, Keith J. / Majors, Jason D. / Wanosky, Lauren A.
Online Article, Page 177, PubMed:18560639
Online Article: Radiographic evaluation of the prevalence of root resorption in a Middle Eastern population
Tsesis, Igor / Fuss, Zvi / Rosenberg, Ester / Taicher, Shlomo
Online Article, Page 178, PubMed:18560640
Online Article: Effectiveness of 2-year application of school-based chlorhexidine varnish, sodium fluoride gel, and dental health education programs in high-risk adolescents
Ersin, Nazan Kocatas / Eden, Ece / Eronat, Nesrin / Totu, Fusun Irem / Ates, Mustafa
Online Article, Page 178, PubMed:18560641
Online Article: Oral colonization of Candida species in patients receiving radiotherapy in the head and neck area
Thaweboon, Sroisiri / Thaweboon, Boonyanit / Srithavaj, Theerathavaj / Choonharuangdej, Suwan
Online Article, Page 179, PubMed:18560642
Online Article: Fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth restored with combined composite-amalgam restorations
Geiger, Selly / Paikin, Lev / Gorfil, Colin / Gordon, Moshe
Online Article, Page 179, PubMed:18560643
Online Article: Different approaches to dental management of self-inflicted oral trauma: Oral shield, botulinum toxin type A neuromuscular block, and oral surgery
Santos, Maria Teresa Botti Rodrigues / Manzano, Felipe Scalco / Genovese, Walter João
Online Article, Page 180, PubMed:18560644
Online Article: Unusual case of adverse reaction in the use of sodium hypochlorite during endodontic treatment: A case report
Crincoli, Vito / Scivetti, Michele / Di Bisceglie, Maria Beatrice / Pilolli, Giovanni Pietro / Favia, Gianfranco
Online Article, Page 180, PubMed:18560645
Online Article: Developments in polymerization lamps
Jiménez-Planas, Amparo / Martín, Juan / Ábalos, Camilo / Llamas, Rafael
Online Article, Page 180, PubMed:18560646
Online Article: Periapical status and quality of root canal fillings and coronal restorations in a Greek population
Georgopoulou, Maria K. / Spanaki-Voreadi, Aristea P. / Pantazis, Nikos / Kontakiotis, Evangelos G. / Morfis, Andreas S.