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Issue 10/2008     6. Oct. 2008
6. Oct. 2008
Pages: 791 - 861

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Page 797-802, PubMed:19093055
Updated implant-retained restorative solutions in patients with hypodontia
Holst, Stefan / Geiselhöringer, Hans / Nkenke, Emeka / Blatz, Markus Bernhard / Holst, Alexandra Ioana
Page 803-809, PubMed:19093056
Do mandibular implant overdentures and conventional complete dentures meet the expectations of edentulous patients?
Heydecke, Guido / Thomason, J. Mark / Awad, Manal A. / Lund, James P. / Feine, Jocelyne S.
Page 821-825, PubMed:19093058
Oculofaciocardiodental syndrome: Report of a rare case
Sujatha, Reddy S. / Namita, Raghav
Page 827-831, PubMed:19093059
In vitro reduction of mutans streptococci by means of ozone gas application
Castillo, Ana / Galindo-Moreno, Pablo / Avila, Gustavo / Valderrama, Mariano / Liébana, José / Baca, Pilar
Page 833-840, PubMed:19093060
Flexural strength and hardness of reline and denture base acrylic resins after different exposure times of microwave disinfection
Ribeiro, Daniela Garcia / Pavarina, Ana Cláudia / Machado, Ana Lucia / Giampaolo, Eunice Teresinha / Vergani, Carlos Eduardo
Page 841-845, PubMed:19093061
The center of the incisive papilla for the selection of complete denture maxillary anterior teeth in 4 racial groups
Varjao, Fabiana Mansur / Nogueira, Sergio Sualdini / Filho, Joao Neudenir
Page 847-851, PubMed:19093062
Dental caries experience in patients with aggressive periodontitis compared to those with chronic periodontitis
Al-Omari, Mohammed A.O. / Al-Habashneh, Rola / Taani, Dafi Quteish
Page 853-858, PubMed:19093063
Evaluation of a 6% hydrogen peroxide tooth-whitening gel on enamel microhardness after extended use
Toteda, Mariarosaria / Philpotts, Carole J. / Cox, Trevor F. / Joiner, Andrew
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