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Issue 1/2008     4. Dec. 2007
4. Dec. 2007
Pages: 9 - 86

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Page 11-16, PubMed:18551211
A modified layering technique to enhance fluorescence in glass-infiltrated aluminum oxide ceramic restorations: Case report
Komine, Futoshi / Blatz, Markus B. / Yamamoto, Shogo / Matsumura, Hideo
Page 17-22, PubMed:18551212
Effect of xylitol/chlorhexidine versus xylitol or chlorhexidine as single rinses on initial biofilm formation of cariogenic streptococci
Decker, Eva-Maria / Maier, Gabriele / Axmann, Detlef / Brecx, Michel / von Ohle, Christiane
Page 23-32, PubMed:18551213
Influence of cementation technique on fracture strength and leakage of alumina all-ceramic crowns after cyclic loading
Blatz, Markus B. / Oppes, Steven / Chiche, Gerard / Holst, Stefan / Sadan, Avishai
Page 33-37, PubMed:18551214
Effect of resin adhesive systems on root caries formation in vitro
Walter, Ricardo / Duarte, Wagner R. / Pereira, Patricia N. R. / Swift, Edward J. / Heymann, Harald O. / Arnold, Roland R.
Page 39-43, PubMed:18551215
Advanced stage of oral myiasis in children: A clinical case report
Gomes de Araújo, Rodolfo José / Corrêa, Adriano Maia / Santos, Wallace Raimundo Araújo / Júnior, Mario Tavares Moreira
Page 45-49, PubMed:18551216
Effect of liquid-polish coating on in vitro biofilm accumulation on provisional restorations: Part 2
Perez Davidi, Michael / Beyth, Nurit / Weiss, Ervin Izhak / Eilat, Yuval / Feuerstein, Osnat / Sterer, Nir
Page 51-59, PubMed:18551217
Oral and facial piercing: Associated complications and clinical repercussion
Garcia-Pola, Maria Jose / Garcia-Martin, Jose Manuel / Varela-Centelles, Pedro / Bilbao-Alonso, Angel / Cerero-Lapiedra, Rocio / Seoane, Juan
Page 61-64, PubMed:18551218
A maxillary second molar with 6 canals: A case report
Kim, Jong Ryul / Choi, Sung Baik / Park, Sang Hyuk
Page 65-71, PubMed:18551219
Longitudinal clinical evaluation of bonded composite inlays: A 3-year study
Barone, Antonio / Derchi, Giacomo / Rossi, Angelo / Marconcini, Simone / Covani, Ugo
Page 81-86, PubMed:18551221
Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia: A case report
Yavuz, Izzet / Kiralp, Suha / Baskan, Zelal
Online Article, Page 87, PubMed:18551205
Online Article: Removal of oral cavity leiomyoma with carbon dioxide laser
Janas, Anna / Grzesiak-Janas, Grazyna / Sporny, Stanislaw
Online Article, Page 87, PubMed:18551209
Online Article: Information for the diagnosis and treatment of root resorption due to tooth replantation
Manfrin, Thais Mara / Poi, Wilson Roberto / Panzarini, Sônia Regina / Sonoda, Celso Koogi / Coradazzi, Luís Francisco / Giovanini, Ellen Greves
Online Article, Page 87, PubMed:18551206
Online Article: Resin-bonded castings with a cingulum rest seat and a guide plane for a removable partial denture: A case report
Shimizu, Hiroshi / Takahashi, Yutaka / McKinney, Thomas
Online Article, Page 88, PubMed:18551207
Online Article: Intraligamentary anesthesia: Benefits and limitations
Endo, Tatsuo / Gabka, Joachim / Taubenheim, Lothar
Online Article, Page 88, PubMed:18551208
Online Article: Effects of oral health behaviors and socioeconomic factors on a group of Turkish adolescents
Kanli, Aydan / Kanbur, Nuray Öksüz / Dural, Sema / Derman, Orhan