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Issue 9/2007     31. Aug. 2007
31. Aug. 2007
Pages: 719 - 795

Page 719, PubMed:17873978
Editorial: My tooth has a migraine?
Benoliel, Rafael
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 745-753, PubMed:17873981
Influence of surface treatment and simulated aging on bond strengths of luting agents to zirconia
Blatz, Marcus B. / Chiche, Gerad / Holst, Stefan / Sadan, Avishai
Page 763-772, PubMed:17873983
Diagnostic quality of panoramic views obtained by a newly developed digital volume tomography device for maxillofacial imaging
Mischkowski, Robert A. / Ritter, Lutz / Neugebauer, Jörg / Dreiseidler, Timo / Keeve, Erwin / Zöller, Joachim E.
Page 773-780, PubMed:17873984
Oral changes in older patients: A clinician's guide
De Rossi, Scott S. / Slaughter, Yolanda Ann
Page 781-787, PubMed:17873985
Multiple mandibular nerve canals: Radiographic observations and clinical relevance. Report of 6 cases
Auluck, Ajit / Pai, Keerthilatha M. / Mupparapu, Muralidhar
Page 789-795, PubMed:17873986
Cytotoxicity of dental composites and their leached components
Darmani, Homa / Al-Hiyasat, Ahmad S. / Milhem, Manar M.
Online Article, Page 797, PubMed:17873972
Online Article: Diametral tensile strength of dual-curing resin cements submitted exclusively to autopolymerization
Fonseca, Renata Garcia / Artusi, Thais Paci / Santos, Juliana Gomes dos / Adabo, Gelson Luis
Online Article, Page 798, PubMed:17873974
Online Article: Permeability of latex gloves after exposure to 6 chemical agents
Oztan, M. Dartar / Pekiner, B. Dogru / Can, A.
Online Article, Page 798, PubMed:17873975
Online Article: Effect of toothbrushing abrasion on weight and surface roughness of pH-cycled resin cements and indirect restorative materials
Prakki, Anuradha / Cilli, Renato / Araujo, Paulo Amarante de / Navarro, Maria Fidela de Lima / Mondelli, Jose / Mondelli, Rafael Francisco Lia
Online Article, Page 799, PubMed:17873976
Online Article: New carbide finishing burs to reduce polishing efforts of light-cured restorations
Radlanski, Ralf J. / Best, Toralf
Online Article, Page 799, PubMed:17873977
Online Article: Otologic symptom improvement through TMD therapy
Wright, Edward F.