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Issue 8/2007     26. July 2007
26. July 2007
Pages: 631 - 704

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Page 633-636, PubMed:17823680
Minimally invasive treatment of white spot enamel lesions
Ardu, Stefano/ Castioni, Nathalie Vivien/ Benbachir, Nacer/ Krejci, Ivo
Page 637-641, PubMed:17823681
Precuring of self-etching bonding agents and its effect on bond strenght of resin composite to dentin and enamel
Chapman, Luke/ Burgess, John/ Holst, Stefan/ Sadan, Avishai/ Blatz, Markus
Page 653-662, PubMed:17823683
Interdisciplinary approach and orthodontic options for treatment of advanced periodontal disease and malocclusion: A case report
Maeda, Sachiko/ Maeda, Yoshinobu/ Ono, Yoshihiro/ Nakamura, Kimio/ Matsui, Tokuo
Page 663-670, PubMed:17823684
Efficiency and effectiveness of fiber post removal using 3 techniques
Anderson, Gerald/ Perdigao, Jorge/ Hodges, James/ Bowles, Walter
Page 671-676, PubMed:17823685
Evaluation of a standard shade guide for color change after disinfection
Pohjola, Randall/ Hackman, Steven/ Browning, William
Page 677-680, PubMed:17823686
Eosinophilic ulcer of the oral mucosa versus squamous cell carcinoma
Goncales, Eduardo Sanches/ Fischer Rubira-Bullen, Izabel/ Montenegro Chinellato, Luis Eduardo/ Consolaro, Alberto
Page 689-697, PubMed:17823688
Antibiotic prophylaxis and therapy in oral surgery: A review
Lambrecht, J. Thomas
Page 699-704, PubMed:17823689
Idiopathic gingival fibromatosis: A case report
Lobao, Denise S./Silva, Luis Candido P./ Soares, Rodrigo V./ Cruz, Roberval, A.
Online Article, Page 705, PubMed:17823667
Online Article: A clinicopathologic study of oral leukoplakia and erythroplakia in a Thai population
Lapthanasupkul, Puangwan / Poomsawat, Sopee / Punyasingh, Jirapa
Online Article, Page 706, PubMed:17823668
Online Article: Seven-year clinical follow-up study of Probond ceramic crowns
Güngör, Mehmet Ali / Artunc, Celal / Dundar, Mine
Online Article, Page 706, PubMed:17823669
Online Article: Effect of size of defect on the repair strength of amalgam
Shen, Chiayi / Mondragon, Eduardo / Mjor, Ivar A.
Online Article, Page 707, PubMed:17823670
Online Article: Arteriovenous malformation of the mandible: A case report
Oral, Okhan / Yalcin, Funda / Minareci, Ozenc / Baser, Ulku / Berber, Lacin / Isik, Gulden / Yalcin, Serdar
Online Article, Page 707, PubMed:17823671
Online Article: Dental extractions in patients with cardiac sarcoidosis
Yoshimura, Yasuro / Nariai, Yoshiki / Yoshimura, Hitoshi
Online Article, Page 708, PubMed:17823672
Online Article: Effect of intra-articular administration of buprenorphine after arthrocentesis of the temporomandibular joint: A pilot study
Präger, Thomas Michael / Mischkowski, Robert A. / Zoller, Joachim E.
Online Article, Page 708, PubMed:17823673
Online Article: Root surfaces after ultrasonic instrumentation with a polishing fluid
Braun, Andreas / Cichocka, Anna / Semaan, Enas / Krause, Felix / Jepsen, Soren / Frentzen, Matthias
Online Article, Page 709, PubMed:17823674
Online Article: Unerupted mandibular third molars: Symptoms, associated pathologies, and indications for removal in a Turkish population
Dogan, Necdet / Orhan, Kaan / Gunaydin, Yilmaz / Koymen, Ramazan / Okcu, Kemal / Ucok, Ozlem
Online Article, Page 709, PubMed:17823675
Online Article: Effect of metal conditioners on the adhesive bonding of resin cements to cast titanium
Rocha, Sicknan Soares da / Adabo, Gelson Luis / Spinola, Sandra Gouveia / Fonseca, Renata Garcia / Ferreira, Anelise Rodolfo
Online Article, Page 710, PubMed:17823676
Online Article: A comparison of the fracture resistance of core materials using different types of posts
Colak, K. Meltem / Yanikoglu, Nuran Dinckal / Bayindir, Funda
Online Article, Page 710, PubMed:17823677
Online Article: Lip-support prosthesis - A unique approach in management of bilateral facial palsy
Sajjan, M. C. Suresh / Krishna, R. Gopi
Online Article, Page 711, PubMed:17823678
Online Article: A prospective clinical patient study evaluating the effect of increasing anesthetic volume on inferior alveolar nerve block success rate
Camarda, A.-Joseph / Hochman, Mark N. / Franco, Laurent / Naseri, Lyna