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Issue 6/2007     30. May 2007
30. May 2007
Pages: 453 - 524

no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 455-458, PubMed:17625627
A minimally invasive treatment of severe dental fluorosis
Ardu, Stefano / Stavridakis, Minos / Krejci, Ivo
Page 459-465, PubMed:17625628
Prevalence of caries and fluorosis in adolescents in Iran
Meyer-Lueckel, Hendrik / Bitter, Kerstin / Shirkhani, Bahram / Hopfenmuller, Werner / Kielbassa, Andrej M.
Page 467-472, PubMed:17625629
Amylase and peroxidase activities and sialic acid concentration in saliva of adolescents with cerebral palsy
Botti Rodrigues Santos, Maria Teresa / Siqueira, Walter Luiz / Nicolau, José
Page 473-477, PubMed:17625630
Epidermoid cyst in the floor of the mouth: Report of a case
Koca, Huseyin / Seckin, Turgay / Sipahi, Aylin / Kazanc, Aycan
Page 479-488, PubMed:17625631
Surface detail reproduction with new elastomeric dental impression materials
Kanehira, Masafumi / Finger, Werner J. / Komatsu, Masashi
Page 489-497, PubMed:17625632
Mental training in dentistry
Welk, Alexander / Immenroth, Marc / Sakic, Petar / Bernhardt, Olaf / Eberspächer, Hans / Meyer, Georg
Page 498-503, PubMed:17625633
Nutrition and Oral Health: Grains and health: The "whole" picture
Seal, Chris J. / Brownlee, Iain A. / Jones, Angela R.
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Page 505-510, PubMed:17625634
Reproducing the natural aspects of dental tissues with resin composites in proximoincisal restorations
Franco, E. B. / Francischone, C. E. / Medina-Valdiva, J. R. / Baseggio, W.
Page 511-514, PubMed:17625635
Cross-sectional radiographic survey of amalgam and resin-based composite posterior restorations
Levin, Liran / Coval, Marius / Geiger, Selly B.
Page 515-520, PubMed:17625636
Oral mucormycosis in children with leukemia: Report of 2 cases
Dogan, M. Cem / Leblebisatan, Goksel / Haytac, M. Cenk / Antmen, Bulent / Surmegozler, Onur
Page 521-524, PubMed:17625637
Large complex odontoma associated with a primary tooth
Özec, Ilker / Kilic, Erdem / Yeler, Hasan / Göze, Fahrettin / Yeler, Defne
Online Article, Page 525, PubMed:17625615
Online Article: Microleakage study of 3 porcelain repair materials by autoradiography
Demirel, Figen / Mehmet Muhtarogullari / Gulsen Yuksel / Cekic, Cihat
Online Article, Page 525, PubMed:17625616
Online Article: Effects of attachment design on strains around implants supporting overdentures
Cekic, Cihat / Akca, Kivanc / Cehreli, Murat C.
Online Article, Page 526, PubMed:17625618
Online Article: A multipractice clinical evaluation of an ORMOCER restorative - 2-year results
Rosin, Michael / Schwahn, Christian / Kordab, Bernd / Konschake, Corinna / Greese, Uwe / Teichmann, Dirk / Hartmann, Axel / Meyer, Georg
Online Article, Page 526, PubMed:17625617
Online Article: Findings from panoramic radiographs of the edentulous population and review of the literature
Masood, Farah / Robinson, William / Beavers, Kay S. / Haney, Kevin L.
Online Article, Page 527, PubMed:17625620
Online Article: Effect of different enamel treatments on bond strength using resin dental adhesives
Armas-Vega, A.C. / Arana-Chavez, V.E. / Botter, D.A. / Netto, N. Garone / Luz, M.A.A.C.
Online Article, Page 528, PubMed:17625622
Online Article: Microleakage and confocal laser studies of 2 single-step self-etching bonding agents/systems
Grobler, Sias R. / Rossouw, Roelof J. / Oberholzer, Theunis G.
Online Article, Page 528, PubMed:17625621
Online Article: In vitro antimicrobial activity of peroxide-based bleaching agents
Napimoga, Marcelo Henrique / de Oliveira, Rogerio / Reis, Andre Figueiredo / Gonçalves, Reginaldo Bruno / Giannini, Marcelo
Online Article, Page 529, PubMed:17625624
Online Article: Implants of an adhesive resin, a calcium hydroxide, and a glass-ionomer cement cause reactional fibrosis with mast cells involvement in rats
de Oliveira Mussel, Rogerio Luiz / Alto Costa, Andrea Monte / Mandarim-de-Lacerda, Carlos Alberto
Online Article, Page 529, PubMed:17625623
Online Article: Primary hyperparathyroidism presenting as multiple giant cell lesions
Harsha Vardhan, B.G. / Saraswathy, K. / Koteeswaran, D.
Online Article, Page 530, PubMed:17625625
Online Article: Three-dimensional finite element stress analysis of different core materials in maxillary implant-supported fixed partial dentures
Ozen, Julide / Caglar, Alper / Beydemir, Bedri / Aydin, Cemal / Dalkiz, Mehmet