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Issue 5/2007     27. Apr. 2007
27. Apr. 2007
Pages: 369 - 438

Page 369, PubMed:17568834
Editorial: Are we being COaXed-2 much?
Benoliel, Rafael
no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 381-385, PubMed:17568836
Erosive and buffering capacities of yogurt
Kargul, Betul / Caglar, Esber / Lussi, Adrian
Page 387-394, PubMed:17568837
Effect of the activation mode of post adhesive cementation on push-out bond strength to root canal dentin
Boff, Luis Leonildo / Grossi, Márcio Lima / Prates, Luiz Henrique Maykot / Burnett, Luiz Henrique / Shinkai, Rosemary Sadami Arai
Page 395-399, PubMed:17568838
Bilateral triplicated primary central incisors: Clinical course and therapy
Schulz-Weidner, Nelly / Ansari, Franziska / Mueller-Lessmann, Viola / Wetzel, Willi-Eckhard
Page 401-408, PubMed:17568839
Effects of 5 manipulative variables on the color of ceramics used for computer-generated restorations
Denissen, Harry / Dozic, Alma / van Waas, Marinus / Feilzer, Albert
Page 409-416, PubMed:17568840
Prevalence and etiology of erythema migrans among children in northeast Ohio
Ray, Rockland / Pyle, Marsha A. / Sawyer, Danny R. / Canion, Seth B. / Gordon, Eric L.
Page 417-421, PubMed:17568841
Pleomorphic adenoma in an atypical location near the temporomandibular joint: A case report
Smolka, Wenko / Eggensperger, Nicole / Stauffer-Brauch, Edouard Jean / von Bredow, Ferdinand / Iizuka, Tateyuki
Page 423-428, PubMed:17568842
The influence of 2 condensation techniques on the marginal seal of packable resin composite restorations
Ben-Amar, Ariel / Slutzky, Hagay / Matalon, Shlomo
Page 429-434, PubMed:17568843
Effect of different restorative materials on caries: A retrospective in vivo study
Ziskind, Daniel / Mass, Eliyahu / Watson, Timothy F.
Page 435-438, PubMed:17568844
Congenital agenesis of premolars associated with submerged primary molars and a peg-shaped lateral incisor: A case report
Steiner-Oliveira, Carolina / Gaviao, Maria Beatriz Duarte / Santos, Marines Nobre dos
Online Article, Page 439, PubMed:17568828
Online Article: Retrospective study of the 10-year clinical performance of direct resin composite restorations placed with the acid-etch technique
Nikaido, Toru / Takada, Tsunehiko / Kitasako, Yuichi / Ogata, Miwako / Shimada, Yasushi / Yoshikawa, Takako / Nakajima, Masatoshi / Otsuki, Masayuki / Tagami, Junji / Burrow, Michael F.
Online Article, Page 440, PubMed:17568826
Online Article: Investigation of the wear of prefabricated attachments-An in vitro study of retention forces and fitting tolerances
Bayer, Stefan / Grüner, Manfred / Keilig, Ludger / Hultenschmidt, Robert / Nicolay, Claudia / Bourauel, Christoph / Utz, Karl-Heinz / Stark, Helmut
Online Article, Page 441, PubMed:17568831
Online Article: Influence of compressive and deflective force on powered toothbrush filaments
Carter, Kevin / Landini, Gabriel / Walmsley, A. Damien
Online Article, Page 442, PubMed:17568829
Online Article: In vitro evaluation of surface roughness of 4 resin composites after the toothbrushing process and methods to recover superficial smoothness
Santos, Paulo Henrique dos / Pavan, Sabrina / Consani, Simonides / Sobrinho, Lourenço Correr / Sinhoreti, Mario Alexandre Coelho / Filho, Joao Neudenir Arioli
Online Article, Page 442, PubMed:17568827
Online Article: Ectopic dental implants in the maxillary sinus
Guler, Nurhan / Delilbasi, Cagri
Online Article, Page 443, PubMed:17568832
Online Article: Characteristics of commercial quick-heating phosphate-bonded investments for the accelerated casting technique
Yang, Chun-Chuan / Yang, Hung-Hua / Ding, Shinn-Jyh / Huang, Tsui-Hsien / Kao, Chia-Tze / Yan, Min