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Issue 4/2007     13. Mar. 2007
13. Mar. 2007
Pages: 267 - 355

no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 281-288, PubMed:17432782
Retrospective study of 200 immediately loaded implants retaining 50 mandibular overdentures
Degidi, Marco / Piattelli, Adriano / lezzi, Giovanna / Carinci, Francesco
Page 289-294, PubMed:17432783
Recurring acinic cell carcinoma of the buccal mucosa: A case report
Hirota, Silvio Kenji / Modolo, Filipe / de Albuquerque, Marco Antônio Portela / Lehn, Carlos Neutzling / Sugaya, Norberto Nobuo / de Souza, Suzana Orsini Machado / Cavalcanti, Marcelo Gusmao Paraiso
Page 295-300, PubMed:17432784
Prevention of alveolar osteitis with azithromycin in women according to use of tobacco and oral contraceptives
Bascones-Martinez, Antonio / Reche, Isabel / Manso, Francisco / González-Moles, Miguel Angel / Bravo, Manuel
Page 301-306, PubMed:17432785
Comparison of electrolyte concentrations in whole saliva of individuals with and without cerebral palsy
Siqueira, Walter Luiz / Santos, Maria Teresa Botti Rodrigues / de Oliveira, Elisabeth / Nicolau, José
Page 307-312, PubMed:17432786
Laser treatment of an oral papilloma in the pediatric dental office: A case report
Boj, Juan R. / Hernandez, Miguel / Espasa, Enrique / Poirier, Clervie
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Page 325-338, PubMed:17432789
Risk stratification and dental management of patients with adrenal dysfunction
Huber, Michaell A. / Terezhalmy, Geza T.
Page 339-347, PubMed:17432790
Effect of bleaching agents on calcium loss from the enamel surface
Tezel, Hüseyin / Ertas, Özlem Sögüt / Özata, Ferit / Dalgar, Hande / Korkut, Ziya Onur
Online Article, Page 357, PubMed:17530050
Online Article: Reasons for placement and replacement of direct restorative materials in Brazil
Braga, Sheila Regina Maia / Tholt Vasconcelos, Beatriz / de Paula Macedo, Manoel Roberto / Martins, Vinicius R. Geraldo / Sobral, Maria Angela Pita
Online Article, Page 357, PubMed:17530051
Online Article: An in vitro evaluation of a prototype Delrin carrier for the Thermafil obturation system
Pagliarini, Amedeo / Riccardo, Rubini / Massimo, Campese
Online Article, Page 358, PubMed:17530053
Online Article: Bond strength of adhesives to dentin involving total and self-etch adhesives
Hürmüzlü, Feridun / Ozdemir, A. Kemal / Hubbezoglu, Ihsan / Coskun, Akin / Siso, Seyda Herguner
Online Article, Page 359, PubMed:17530054
Online Article: Microbial acid production (Clinpro Cario L-Pop) and dental caries in infants and children
Bretz, W. A. / Corby, P. M. A. / Costa, S. / Quadros, M. / Tavares, V. S. / Moreira, G. / Filho, M. R. Melo / Weyant, R. J.
Online Article, Page 359, PubMed:17530055
Online Article: Creation of a nonsurgical papilla in orthodontic treatment with severe periodontal disease: A case report
Sato, Shuichi / Nomura, Naoyuki / Kawashima, Hideyuki / Ito, Koichi