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Issue 3/2007     2. Feb. 2007
2. Feb. 2007
Pages: 175 - 259

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Page 179-191, PubMed:17333995
Restoring the fractured root-canal-treated maxillary lateral incisor: In search of an evidence-based approach
Türp, Jens C. / Heydecke, Guido / Krastl, Gabriel / Pontius, Oliver / Antes, Gerd / Zitzmann, Nicola U.
Page 193-201, PubMed:17333996
Immediately loaded short implants: Analysis of a case series of 133 implants
Degidi, Marco / Piatelli, Adriano / Izzi, Giovanna / Carinci, Francesco
Page 211-219, PubMed:17333998
Oral health and dental treatment of patients with renal disease
Vesterinen, Maarit / Ruokonen, Hellevi / Leivo, Tomi / Honkanen, Ann-Marie / Honkanen, Eero / Kari, Kirsti / Lindqvist, Christian / Meurman, Jukka H.
Page 253-259, PubMed:17334004
Central giant cell granuloma of the mandible in a 7-year-old boy: A case report
Lin, Yu-Ju / Chen, Hong-San / Chen, Hong-Rong / Wang, Wen-Chen / Chen, Yuk-Kwan / Lin, Li-Min
Online Article, Page 171, PubMed:17510723
Online Article: Satisfaction with oral status among adult school-attending Saudi women with and without posterior fixed partial dentures
Omar, Ridwaan / Al-Boaijan, Elham / Al-Twaijri, Sarah / Akeel, Riyadh
Online Article, Page 172, PubMed:17510725
Online Article: A unique treatment of finger-sucking habit in children with mental retardation: Report of 2 cases
Bengi, A. Osman / Karacay, Seniz / Güven, Günseli
Online Article, Page 173, PubMed:17510726
Online Article: Effect of dowel length on the retention of 2 different prefabricated posts
Borer, Robert E. / Britto, Leandro R. / Haddix, James E.
Online Article, Page 173, PubMed:17510727
Online Article: The marginal fit of porcelain veneers on titanium copings: An in vitro study
Lakatos, Sorin / Romînu, Mihai / Florita, Zeno / Ianes, Camil / Negrutiu, Meda
Online Article, Page 174, PubMed:17668086
Online Article: Penetration of silver nitrate into bleached enamel, dentin, and cementum
Iwamoto, Nanako / Shimada, Yasushi / Tagami, Junji
Online Article, Page 174, PubMed:17510728
Online Article: Influence of cavity preparation and curing method on the marginal seal of resin composite restorations: An in vitro evaluation
Cervantes Jorge, André Luiz / de Araújo, Maria Amélia Máximo