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Issue 10/2007     28. Sep. 2007
28. Sep. 2007
Pages: 807 - 879

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Page 811-815, PubMed:18197319
Indications and limits of the microabrasion technique
Benbachir, Nacer / Ardu, Stefano / Krejci. Ivo
Page 817-820, PubMed:18197320
Granulocytic sarcoma of the gingiva: Two case reports
Matsushita, Kazuhiro / Abe, Takae / Takeda, Yukari / Takashima, Hidenori / Takada, Akio / Ogawa, Yayoi / Sato, Hidetoshi / Mukai, Masaya / Fujiwara, Toshikatsu
Page 821-828, PubMed:18197321
Patterns of intraosseous transmigration and ectopic eruption of bilaterally transmigrating mandibular canines: Radiographic study and proposed classification
Mupparapu, Muralidhar / Auluck, Ajit / Suhas, Setty / Pai, Keerthilatha M. / Nagpal, Archna
Page 829-835, PubMed:18197322
Influence of resin composite insertion technique in preparations with a high C-factor
Duarte, Sillas Jr. / Dinelli, Welingtom / Carmona da Silva, Maria Helena
Page 837-841, PubMed:18197323
Odontogenic keratocyst with a misleading clinical and radiologic appearance
Mozaffari, Eisa / Marmor, Deborah S. / Alawi, Faizan
Page 843-852, PubMed:18197324
Effects of hemostatic agents on the histomorphologic response of human dental pulp capped with calcium hydroxide
Accorinte, Maria de Lourdes Rodrigues / Loguercio, Alessandro D. / Reis, Alessandra / Holland, Robert
Page 853-858, PubMed:18197325
Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia with true anodontia of the primary dentition
Acikgöz, Aydan / Kademoglu, Oya / Elekdag-Türk, Selma / Karagöz, Filiz
Page 859-866, PubMed:18197326
Vertical distraction osteogenesis of the alveolar process for implant therapy: Two case reports
Lambrecht, J. Thomas / Linder, Manuela / Ostojic, Sinisa
Page 867-872, PubMed:18197327
Ceramic bonding to a machined Au-Ti alloy
Kellerhoff, Rolf K. / Fischer, Jens
Page 873-879, PubMed:18197328
Ameloblastic carcinoma: A case report
Naik, Veena / Kale, Alka D.
Online Article, Page 881, PubMed:18197315
Online Article: Needle-less local anesthesia: Clinical evaluation of the effectiveness of the jet anesthesia Injex in local anesthesia in dentistry
Dabarakis, Nikolaos N. / Alexander, Veis / Tsirlis, Anastasios T. / Parissis, Nikolaos A. / Nikolaos, Maroufidis
Online Article, Page 882, PubMed:18197317
Online Article: Influence of porcelain-firing procedures on the marginal distortion of electroformed metal-ceramic restorations
Komine, Futoshi / Shiratsuchi, Hisaka / Kakehashi, Yoshiyuki / Matsumura, Hideo
Online Article, Page 882, PubMed:18197318
Online Article: Clinical outcome of a short-term psychotherapeutic intervention for the treatment of dental phobia
Jöhren, Peter / Enkling, Norbert / Heinen, Richard / Sartory, Gudrun