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Issue 1/2007     7. Dec. 2006
7. Dec. 2006
Pages: 13 - 80

no abstract available fulltext (pdf)
Page 23-29, PubMed:17216904
Prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in a representative population
Splieth, Christian H. / Sümnig, Wolfgang / Bessel, Frank / John, Ulrich / Kocher, Thomas
Page 31-37, PubMed:17216905
Connection between masticatory efficiency and pathomorphologic changes in gastric mucosa
Sierpinska, Teresa / Golebiewska, Marie / Dlugosz, Jan W. / Kemona, Andrzej / Laszewicz, Wiktor
Page 39-44, PubMed:17216906
Bilaminar connective tissue graft as an alternative treatment of leukoplakia: Case report
Checchi, Luigi / Pucar, Ana / Checchi, Vittorio
Page 45-49, PubMed:17216907
Oral candidal carriage in children with and without dental caries
Uygun-Can, Banu / Kadir, Tanju / Akyüz, Serap
Page 51-53, PubMed:17216908
Restoring function and esthetics in 2 patients with amelogenesis imperfecta: Case report
Ayna, Emrah / Celenk, Sema / Kadiroglu, Ela Tules
Page 55-61, PubMed:17216909
Surface antibacterial properties of resin and resin-modified dental cements
Slutzky, Hagay / Weiss, Ervin Izhak / Lewinstein, Israel / Slutzky, Shimshon / Matalon, Shlomo
Page 63-65, PubMed:17216910
Complicated late mandibular fracture following third molar removal
Wagner, Kai Wolfgang / Schoen, Ralf / Wongchuensoontorn, Chanchai / Schmelzeisen, Rainer
Page 67-73, PubMed:17216911
Influence of impression material and time on the 3-dimensional accuracy of implant impressions
Holst, Stefan / Blatz, Markus / Bergler, Michael / Goellner, Matthias / Wichmann, Manfred
Page 75-80, PubMed:17216912
Prosthodontic treatment of hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia with complete anodontia: Case report
Vieira, Karlla Almeida / Teixeira, Milena Schaaf / Guirado, Cecília Gatti / Gaviao, Maria Beatriz Duarte
Online Article, Page 7, PubMed:17508069
Online Article: Congenital epulis of the newborn: A case report
Stavropoulos, Franci / Guelmann, Marcio / Bimstein, Enrique / Katz, Joseph
Online Article, Page 9, PubMed:17508072
Online Article: Dentin bonding of light- and self-curing resin composites using simplified total- and self-etch adhesives
Moll, Karlheinz / Schuster, Bettina / Haller, Bernd
Online Article, Page 10, PubMed:17508074
Online Article: Subjective and photometric determination of bleaching outcomes
Lee, Kit-Yee / Setchell, Derrick J. / Stokes, Alastair N. / Frankel, Nicholas T. / Moles, David R.
Online Article, Page 11, PubMed:17508077
Online Article: Combined treatment approach of gingivectomy and CO2 laser for cyclosporine-induced gingival overgrowth
Haytac, Cenk M. / Esen, Emin / Ustun, Yakup / Ozcelik, Onur
Online Article, Page 11, PubMed:17508078
Online Article: Restorative caries therapy in nursing home residents using composite resins and compomers without a rubber dam
Molinari, Christian / Pazos, Eunice / Grundman, Marc / Bortolotto, Tissiana / Krejci, Ivo / Budtz-Jørgensen, Ejvind