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Issue 7/2006     7. June 2006
7. June 2006
Pages: 505 - 578

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Page 509-514, PubMed:16841598
Talon cusp: Report of a case
Bolan, Michele/Nunes, Ana Cristina Gerent Petry/de Carvalho Rocha, Maria José/De Luca Canto, Graziela
Page 515-526, PubMed:16841599
In vitro colorimetric evaluation of the efficacy of various bleaching methods and products
Dietschi, Didier/Rossier, Sandrine/Krejci, Ivo
Page 527-536, PubMed:16841600
Determinants of early childhood caries in a group of inner-city children
Martens, Luc/Vanobbergen, Jacques/Willems, Sara/Aps, Johan/De Maeseneer, Jan
Page 537-544, PubMed:16841601
Influence of calcium phosphates added to mucin-based saliva substitutes on bovine dentin
Meyer-Lückel, H./Kielbassa, Andrej M.
Page 545-550, PubMed:16841602
Persistent sinus tract formation 1 year following cast post-and-core replacements: A case report
Tanalp, Jale/Dikbas, Idil/Delilbasi, Cagri/Bayrili, Gunduz/Calikkocaoglu, Senih
Page 565-573, PubMed:16841605
Immunohistochemistry as a fundamental tool for the differential diagnosis of polymorphous low-grade adenocarcinoma
de Vasconcellos, Luana Marotta Reis/Silveira, Vanessa Avila Sarmento/Rosa, Luiz Eduardo Blumer/Cavalvante, Ana Sueli Rodrigues/Carvalho, Yasmin Rodarte
Page 575-578, PubMed:16841606
Fabrication of a meatus obturator on a titanium framework with a 1-step impression
Coskun, Akin/Yalug, Suat/Yazicioglu, Hüseyin