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Issue 5/2006     5. Apr. 2006
5. Apr. 2006
Pages: 333 - 408

Page 333, PubMed:16683679
Editorial: Home to the masters
Sadan, Avishai
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Page 337-343, PubMed:16683680
Single-session treatment of a major complication of dens invaginatus: A case report
Caldari, Mauro/Monaco, Carlo/Ciocca, Leonardo/Scotti, Roberto
Page 345-352, PubMed:16683681
The pier abutment: A review of the literature and a suggested mathematical model
Savion, Igal/Saucier, Chris L./Rues, Stefan/Sadan, Avishai/Blatz, Markus
Page 353-359, PubMed:16683682
The use of ozone in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery: A review
Stübinger, Stefan/Sader, Robert/Filippi, Andreas
Page 361-368, PubMed:16683683
Performance of 2 packable composites at 12 months
Browning, William D./Myers, Michael L./Chan, Daniel C. N./Downey, Mary C./Pohjola, Randal M./Frazier, Kevin B.
Page 369-374, PubMed:16683684
Root canal transportation with a Ni-Ti rotary file system and stainless steel hand files in simulated root canals
Loizides, Alexios/Eliopoulos, Dimitris/Kontakiotis, Evangelos
Page 391-394, PubMed:16683687
In vitro antibacterial efficacy of a new chlorhexidine slow-release device
Lin, Shaul / Levin, Liran / Weiss, Ervin Izhak / Peled, Micha / Fuss, Zvi
Page 395-399, PubMed:16683688
Evaluation of 2 thione primers and 3 resin adhesives for silver-palladium-copper-gold alloy bonding
Koishi, Yoshikazu/Tanoue, Naomi/Yanagida, Hiroaki/Atsuta, Mitsuru/Nakamura, Mitsuo/Matsumura, Hideo