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Issue 4/2006     9. Mar. 2006
9. Mar. 2006
Pages: 243 - 321

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Page 261-271, PubMed:16594357
Oral lichen planus and malignant transformation: A retrospective follow-up study of clinical and histopathologic data
Bornstein, Michael M./Kalas, Lucie/Lemp, Sandra/Altermatt, Hans Jörg/Rees, Terry D./Buser, Daniel
Page 273-281, PubMed:16594358
Remineralized dentin lesions induced by glass ionomer demonstrate increased resistance to subsequent acid challenge
Tantbirojn, Daranee/Feigal, Robert J./Ko, Ching-Chang/Versluis, Antheunis
Page 283-288, PubMed:16594359
Removable partial denture abutments restored with all-ceramic surveyed crowns
Carracho, Jose F./Razzoog, Michael E.
Page 297-303, PubMed:16594361
Effect of fluoride-releasing liner on demineralized dentin
Itota, Toshiyuki/Nakabo, Satoshi/Torii, Yasuhiro/Narukami, Tomoko/Doi, Junichi/Yoshiyama, Masahiro
Page 304-310, PubMed:16594362
Dental fear and anxiety levels of patients attending a dental clinic
Erten, Hülya/Akarslan, Zühre Zafersoy/Bodrumlu, Emre
Page 318-321, PubMed:16594364
Retrieval of amalgam from the root canal space
Slutzky-Goldberg, Iris/Moshonov, Joshua