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Issue 3/2006     2. Feb. 2006
2. Feb. 2006
Pages: 165 - 231

Page 165, PubMed:16536142
Editorial: Jump on our bandwagon - it's OK
Salinas, Thomas J.
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Page 175-182, PubMed:16536144
Periodontal manifestation of Langerhans'cell histiocytosis in a young man: Case report with a 24-month follow-up
Klein, Filip/Krigar, Diana/Petzoldt, Detlev/Eickholz, Peter
Page 183-190, PubMed:16536145
Interoperator variability during polishing
Jones, Colin S./Billington, Richard W./Pearson, Gavin J.
Page 191-197, PubMed:16536146
Technique for linear measurement on panoramic and periapical radiographs: A pilot study
Volchansky, Alf/Cleaton-Jones, Peter/Drummond, Sian/Bönecker, Marcelo
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Page 205-212, PubMed:16536148
Influence of rubber dam isolation on human pulp response after capping with calcium hydroxide and an adhesive system
de Lourdes Rodrigues Accorinte, Maria/Reis, Alessandra/Loguercio, Alessandro Dourado/de Araújo, Vera Cavalcanti/Muench, Antonio
Page 213-218, PubMed:16536149
Pregnancy tumor occuring twice in the same individual: Report of a case and hormone receptors study
Oettinger-Barak, Orit/Machtei, E. Eli/Ofer, Ben-Izhak/Barak, Shlomi/Peled, Micha
Page 219-224, PubMed:16536150
Restorative therapy of primary teeth severely affected by amelogenesis imperfecta
Vitkov, Ljubomir/Hannig, Matthias/Krautgartner, Wolf-Dietrich
Page 225-231, PubMed:16536151
Clinical evaluation of 2 flowable composites
Gallo, John R./Burgess, John O./Ripps, Alan H./Walker, Richard S./Bell, Mary J./Turpin-Mair, J. Suzanne/Mercante, Donald E./Davidson, Jessica M.