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Issue 2/2006     5. Jan. 2006
5. Jan. 2006
Pages: 89 - 153

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Page 91-102, PubMed:16475370
A new shading concept based on natural tooth color applied to direct composite restaurations
Dietschi, Didier/Ardu, Stefano/Krejci, Ivo
Page 109-113, PubMed:16475372
Microleakage of Class V resin composites placed using self-etching resins: Effect of prior enamel etching
Brackett, Martha G./Brackett, William W./Haisch, Larry D.
Page 115-120, PubMed:16475373
Number of in-office light-activated bleaching treatments needed to achieve patient satisfaction
de Silva Gottardi, Mariella / Brackett, Martha G. / van Haywood, B.
Page 139-144, PubMed:16475376
A prospective clinical study of indirect and direct composite and ceramic inlays: Ten-year results
Thordrup, Marianne/Isidor, Flemming/Hörsted-Bindslev, Preben
Page 145-150, PubMed:16475377
Fluoride release from esthetic restorative materials with and without adhesive
Pamir, Tijen/Tezel, Hüseyin/Özata, Ferit/Celik, Ali
Page 152-153, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a29167, PubMed:16475378
Clinical images in oral medicine: Amalgam tattoos
Terézhalmy, Géza T.
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